Sina Pournia  Software Developer

           [email protected]


     Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany



Software developer with a passion for creating solutions and technologies that revolutionize the way we work.Innovating at the core level of technology to build frameworks, SDKs, libraries, and architecting systems. Making technology work better for us all. 



  • C++ Programming: Developing SDKs for Unreal Engine and customizing C++ libraries.
  • Game Development: Skilled in Unreal Engine 5.
  • Machine Learning: Training models and applying stable diffusion techniques.
  • Data Science:  Data analysis tools, meaning extraction, and data modeling.

  • Amazon Web Services: Knowledgeable in AWS Neptune, Cognito, Lambda, and AppSync.
  • Blockchain Frameworks: Familiar with Ethereum, BSC, and Solana.
  • Languages: Fluent in English, Turkish, and Persian.

Work Experience :



AlturaNFT | White label NFT Marketplace |"

Unreal SDK developer 

In my role at AlturaNFT, I successfully developed an efficient C++ SDK, effectively bridging the gap between backend features and the game's front end. This significantly simplified interactions at the blueprint level, streamlining the overall development process.



Pastel World | Shooter game

Unreal developer 

Leading the creation of an NFT shooter game using Unreal Engine 5 and Lyra.

  • Improved Lyra with GAS for special features like weapons and character skills.
  • Used Elixir SDK for the game's blockchain aspects.
  • Employed EOS for multiplayer capabilities.



DreamFrame | NFT Arena
 | Software Developer


I have been developing a framework named "DreamFrame".
What is DreamFrame :
DreamFrame is an Unreal-Engine based platform that allows its developers to create multiplayer and multiplatform games on the blockchain.
With the set of rules and features of DreamFrame, developers will be able to transfer off-chain data to on-chain, develop their smart contracts, and bind to the game interface.
These are the 3 main parts I have used in this project.
- Amazon Web Services (AWS)
- Unreal Engine
-Web3( Solana, BSC,ETH )
Neptune: use Neptune to store and update complex relation data like clan member relations, player camps, and NFT metadata.
Neptune has a very strong relationship with AWS SageMaker. I have prepared some tools for the data science / ML side. 

Cognito: Use Cognito for permissions and auth management in cross-platform devices. the user would be able to log in with various platforms.

Within the Lambda function, I add a web3 library as a layer. This allows me to call wallet functions in the backend with or without a wallet private ID.

To connect to Neptune, I create a command pattern on Lambda. By using Cognito, ensure that all authenticated hardware has access to data using API Gateway.

For social interactions, I have been using AppSync to send notifications such as:
Friend request.
A Friend gets online.
Invite to ****.
Claim Reward.

EVM: I have been using Solidity inside the REMIX editor to deploy ERC1155 on BSC and ETH chains.
Since all items on-chain have the same ID as in the game, I can track user assets within the game by checking their assets in the wallet.

Solana: for Solana, I used Anchor Framework. There is much more flexibility in Rust than in Solidity. As much as I would have liked to extend our contract further, the limitations of chains in the data handling aspect have always led me back to off-chain solutions.
In Unreal, I used the GAS (Gameplay Ability System) to make smooth gameplay.
My solution to disturbing GAS instances is to build a factory design pattern. The pawns would request GAS instances with their own data from the hosted server. 

Because of the central management of GAS instances, I would be able to design a flexible system for creating game logic. 

Bots: AI bots in Unreal as they are known. Generating points inside the map around every player and tracking them to make the best positioning and use their ability for an optimal situation. For example : 

-The healer will stay away from the enemy and try to be close to the damaged teammate, cover and heal.
-the hunter tries to use distance shooting to catch the damaged player trying to escape from the fight.

EOS: using EOS in combination with AWS to provide lobby and social system

-Friend System
-In Lobby Chat
-Rank System
are some of the supported features by DreamFrame.




Machine learning developer 

Extract and Analyzing' costumers movements orders, searches, and in-app purchases and visualize data to help the company for having a nice vision to make better business solutions.

developing a chatbot for customer service to answer customer questions and directing them to the related store and trace orders
developing an assistant that recognizes orders from speech and sends to the store.



DeepLearning Bot

Founder ||Machine learning developer


Analyzing Market behaviors Price movements, stability, ATR-MACD-RSI, and visualizing data to help a comprehensive understanding of software decisions.

programming a BackTrader for simulation stock or forex market
implementing Attention-based custom DeepLearning Model for getting suitable action
buy/sell/hold in the environment
developing Reinforcement Learning (PPO) to train the above-considered deep learning model




Android developer/Jr. Machine learning developer

Filtering inappropriate comments and summarizing news
Maintain and Develop their android app.




Android Developer 

EightBit is a software agency that develops and maintains various software. I specialized as an Android developer in the Android application development department. 



Drone Dünyası

Android Developer 

Made custom drones and used DJI SDK to allow Control via Android.


Apr 2009 - Jan 2012

Tabriz University

Electronic Engineering

2013 - 2015

Shahriaran University

Electronic Engineering


  • Unreal 
  • AWS
  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow
  • Blockchain
  • C++
  • Databases
  • EOS
  • GAS
  • Leadership


  • English - Professional
  • Turkish - Professional
  • Persian- Native