Sinta Marito Bakkara 

Electrical Engineer

  Pematangsiantar, Pematang Siantar City, North Sumatra, Indonesia

I am a fresh graduate from Medan Aviation Polytechnic. I am a graduate who has dominate the installation and supporting equipment such as panels, generators, electrical distribution transmission, and AFL, and is able to solve various kinds of problems in the airport electricity sector. I like new things and challenges in a job, besides that I am equipped with a disciplined attitude that I got during my education which makes me more motivated to give the best potential in myself.

  [email protected]


Work Experience

July 2020 - September 2020

Electrical Engineer

APT Pranoto Samarinda Airport

  Studied and Troubleshooting Electrical Installation and Electrical Distribution Transmission
  Studied and Troubleshooting Genset ACOS
   Able to analyze and repair damaged equipment at the airport, such as: runway lights, control desk, and so on.

Oktober 2020 - February 2021

Electrical Engineer

Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin Sumbawa Airport

  Studied and Troubleshooting Airport Electrical Installation
  Studied and Troubleshooting Lights on Runway
  Fixed the Control Desk in the tower



Medan Aviation Polytechnic

Airport Electrical Engineering

2018 - 2021

  Transmission and Distribution

  Generator Technician Certication

  Airfield Lighting System


Hard Skill

  • Autocad
  • Electrical installation
  • Genset ACOS

  • Arduino

Soft Skill

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Time-Management


  • Indonesian — Native or Bilingual
  • English — Intermediate