Travis Shen

I have 4 years of Python web backend experience and 2 years of Cloud DevOps experience. Interested in Web API, Linux Container, CI/CD and Cloud Architecture.

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Work Experiences

Backend Engineer @ Tagtoo

Since 2, 2019

Real-time IoT Event/Entity Data Streaming
  • Design a streaming system using Pub/Sub and micro-services to replace the old one (MapReduce on GAE), reduce 80% cost with 10x higher throughput.
  • Compress event data with Dataflow to fit the request quota limit.
  • Mapping user across the Internet with graph-like structure using BigTable.
  • Introduce Terraform to project.
DPA Platform
  • Refactor legacy code and containerize services, brings multiple customers from zero.
  • Define E2E test methods for Facebook and Google API which the project is much relies on.
  • Setup CI/CD with Cloud Build pipeline, container build and test 50+ cases only took 7 minutes.
  • Implement payment flow using Tappay.
Machine Learning Workflow
  • Deploy and manage Kubeflow cluster on kubernetes.
  • Spawn notebook servers for data engineers on preemptible VM.
  • Help data engineers to develop and manage pipelines.
  • Store millions predict data using Redis and serve through web API.

Assistant @ Agriculture Technology Research Institute

5, 2017 - 1, 2019

  • Provide information services for statisticians: DB maintenance, data processing, office automation, web services
  • Introduce Web API as a replacement of Excel.
  • Develop a open source python package to convert agri-address into land section code: sectw.
  • Introduce Git into teams.

Full Stack @ ACTI

5, 2016 - 3, 2017

  • Develop and maintain web services using .NET Framework.
  • Web Crawling.

Side Projects

Froggy's Service 邱威傑市民服務網站

Open Source, Citizen Participation, Politic Transparency
  • Implement micro-service with Containers
  • Backend development: Django + Restful API
  • Deploy and operate services on GKE
  • 20,000 unique users and 120,000 page views in first 2 week

Education Background

Department of Information [email protected] Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) / 2010 - 2015



  • Familiar with OOP and features: decorator, generator, context manager
  • Parallelization:  multiprocessing, threading, coroutine
  • Web crawling: requests, selenium, multiprocessing, aiohttp
  • Data processing: numpy, pandas
  • Implement Data Structures: link
  • Implement Algorithms: link


  • Use Django on 5+ projects
  • Custom user model
  • Custom middlewares
  • Custom model field
  • Unit test: fixtures, factory-boy
  • Aggregation, Annotation querying
  • Internationalization
  • Restful API: djangorestframework
  • GraphQL: graphene-django
  • Authentication: OAuth2, JWT
  • Messaging: Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis
  • State machine: django-fsm
  • 12-Factor app: django-environ

Third Party API Experiences

  • Facebook Marketing API: Ad resource management
  • Facebook AccountKit:  Phone authentication
  • Google Ads API: Ad resource management
  • Google Content API: Ad resource management
  • Google Site Verification API: Site claiming
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Streaming
  • Google BigQuery: Read time-series data
  • Google Firebase Auth: Phone authentication
  • Google KMS: use on CI/CD for open source project
  • Google Drive / Sheet API: Generate reports
  • SendGrid Transactional Template API: Sending emails
  • Slack API: Notification
  • Tappay API

Linux Container / Kubernetes

  • Familiar with Docker, Docker Compose
  • Basic Networking knowledge
  • Deploy and manage 5+ clusters for multiple projects
  • Health check (Pod, Service)
  • Autoscaling (Pod, Node)
  • Cronjob
  • 12-Factor app with ConfigMap, Secret
  • Persistent volume using GCE disk
  • Manage resources with Helm, Terraform
  • Experience with Kubeflow cluster
  • Load balancing with L7 Ingress / L4 Nginx

JavaScript / CSS

  •  jQuery
  • Bootstrap


  • Travis CI
  • Google Cloud Build
  • Terraform
  • Shell Scripting

    Cloud Provider

    • Google Cloud Platform (Main)
    • AWS
    • Cloudflare
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