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Product Designer

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A user and business-oriented, data-driven product designer and startup lover. I highly believe in the power of paradigm shift. Thus, in love with tackling challenges with various mindsets.

👍🏻 Achieving PMF working with the current startup product team, acquiring seed investment.
⬆️ Boost growth, engagement, and retention by implementing UX in the product.
🥇 U-start program investment plan award winner.
🥈 TISDC Service Design Silver Medal.
🥉 TransAction Chunghwa Telecom Award

# A Malaysian, graduated from National Cheng Kung University
# Portfolio:

Work Experience

Product Designer  •  DDROOM(a rental housing startup)

Nov 2020 - Present

- Directly work with CEO, CMO, and CTO to formulate new product strategy.
- Conduct competitive, user and market research in validating product hypothesis, then redefine business models, product site-map, pricing plans, and features.
- Work with the engineering team, including CTO to discuss product scope.
- Redesign the whole website user interface with design guidelines, working with the front-end closely.
- Feature #1 : Search and savesearch for tenants.
- Feature #2 : LINE push messages via Botbonnie for tenants.
- Feature #3 : Object pages for tenants.
- Feature #4 : Tenants profile page.
- Feature #5 : Rental objects listing flow including themes and top-up services for landlords.
- Feature #6 : Rental objects listing management and object mechanisms for landlords.
- Feature #7 : Tenants recommendation and matching for landlords.
- Feature #8 : Landlords profile page.
- Feature #9 : Rental fee management working with Taishin Richart.
- Feature #10 : Articles home page, search page, and content page.
- Continuously tracking product and feature metrics to discover new opportunities or risk.
- Become the top three highest traffic rental platforms in Taiwan and get the second round seed investment.

UIUX & PM  •  UXI Design.Co(a design consultant agency)

Sep 2018.- Oct 2020

- PM and design the new APP guidelines for Giant. Co, which implemented APP like Ridecontrol, Ridelife etc, by working with their engineering and digital marketing team.
- Design and conduct usability testing on Q8 Vista, a factory machine management B2B software.
- Redefine and redesign QPEPlus, an extreme weather monitoring website, by conducting user research on usage.
- Participate on several research projects working with NEC, Visa and CTBC Bank. Working in research methods like questionnaires, user interviews and focus groups.

Cofounder & PM  •  Junjun.Co(a mental health service)

Jan 2019 - May 2020

- Conduct annonymous user research to locate users' needs and pain points in this recessive issue, by diving into the anonymous social media in Taiwan like PTT and Dcard.
- Cooperate with Beone Sexuality Counseling Training Center to develop sex addiction services.
- Release an MVP version of paid audio content and linebots content on 9VS1 in Taiwan and Qingting FM in China to test how the market reacts.
- Investment from U-start Plan for Innovation and Entrepreneurship twice.
- Awarded TISDC's service design silver prize and ChungHwa Telecom prize from Trans’action Taiwan design competition.

PM  •  Cocky(a crowdfunding side project)

Sep 2017 - Jun 2018

- Innovate on SHA'CUP, the innovative cocktail shaker that targets the urban dwellers who desire to enjoy simple cocktail crafting at home.
- A winner of the Red dot design award.
- Held a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which unfortunately failed 87% with only limited marketing resources.

Intern  •  Pegatron(a tech firm)

Jul 2018 - Sep 2018

- Conduct qualitative user research and focus group on AR and Machine Learning usage in normal people.
- Evaluating the application of new technology in robotic companion and AR projects.

Curator   •  TEDxTainan(an event organizer )

Jan 2016 - Jan 2017

- Lead the team of various talents in organizing the annual event.
- Curated a TEDx Event "Nothing to Everything" in Tainan City, which attracted around 600 people.


Sep 2013 - Jun 2017

University of Cheng Kung University

Bachelor of Industrial Design



  • RWD UI/UX,
  • APP UI/UX,
  • Flow and IA,
  • Wireframing,
  • Graphic Design.


  • Qualitative methods:
    • user interview
    • focus group
    • usability testing
  • Quantitative research:
    • data tracking
    • questionnaires


  • Sprint-based,
  • Goal-oriented,
  • PRD composing,
  • Mockup,
  • Presentation and pitching.

Design Tools

   Figma    Sketch      Illustrator      PS      Whimsical   

Research Tools

   Google Analytics      Firebase      Hotjar      Excel  

PM Tools

   Notion      Photoshop    Sketch     


   Chinese — Native      English — Professional      Malay,Cantonese,Taiwanese — Intermediate   

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