Nick Pannuto

Creative and driven mobile developer. Looking for a career match for my professional skills. I have a sharp eye for detail and I don't write bugs™

[email protected]
(586) 925-3509
Metro Detroit, Michigan


iOS Development

6+ years of Objective-C & Cocoa. Designed, developed, maintained and deployed apps for both iPhone and iPad. Projects range from fancy brochures to full-fledged games, open source social media clients, and even in-stadium realtime daily fantasy sports experiences. Also actively following Swift, have contributed towards minor proposals. 

Framework Development

I'm not the rockstar, I'm the plumber. Worked with platform teams to define standards and create libraries/frameworks for external developer consumption. Experienced at creating drop-in API libraries to enable creation of Today widgets, Apple Watch apps, & Apple TV experiences. Intimate with realtime multimedia streaming (CoreAudio/Video) in ObjC/Swift

Backend & Web

I got my start writing websites for Funeral Homes and frontend templates for localized big box E-commerce websites. These days I'm more likely to be exposing websockets and documenting APIs. Experienced with Python, Ruby, Node.js, bash/zsh, and some Network Administration. Mostly to enable whatever is needed on the backend for the best possible iOS experience. 

Debugging, DevOps & CI

Before all these extremely convenient services like BuddyBuild existed, I configured Jenkins to pull authentication tokens from LDAP and insert/test them in iOS codebases for international automakers. Very comfortable playing middle-man between QA, Ops, & Client/Server/Hardware Dev teams. I'm always down to rubber duck, isolating problems is very satisfying.

Experience, Feb 2016 - March 2016 | First Technical Hire - Full Time Remote

Wrapped up all of the audio-streaming functionality and implemented custom metadata support in addition to cleaning up UI animations to kick the app across the finish line and get it onto the App Store.

TopLine Game Labs, Feb 2015 - October 2015 | Lead iOS Developer - Century City, CA

Had a blast working on compelling realtime in-stadium fantasy sports experiences. Quickly learned an expansive codebase and design language to implement completely new functionality at an incredible pace. Worked with the team to isolate the API Client and utilities into their own framework to facilitate Apple Watch apps, better testing, and faster development. Abused statistics and machine learning to win money from coworkers without actually following sports.

Myspace, Nov 2013 - Feb 2014 | Lead iOS Developer - Beverly Hills, CA

Dove headfirst into an absolutely massive codebase to pinpoint the most common crashes using tools like Testflight and Crashlytics. Wrote documentation for the entire Mobile API. Worked with a skeleton crew to fix the most visible/painful issues prior to Apple's iOS 6 SDK Cutoff. 

Airbiquity, Jan 2012 - Feb 2013 | Mobile Engineer - Seattle WA

Work closely as a team with multiple other hardware, client, and server teams towards a cohesive solution. Helped to define internal communications standards, as well as ensuring compliance with automotive safety guidelines. Implemented advanced mobile security as part of an end-to-end overhaul. Wrote and maintained build scripts (Hudson/Jenkins) to streamline process of deploying builds globally. Helped transition from Clearcase to Git. Created prototypes that push the limit of what seems possible with an iPhone and enabled hardware teams to test effectively.

AKQA, May 2011 - Sept 2011 | Associate Creative Developer - Washington DC

Maintained and implemented features on huge projects, touched by millions of fingers daily. Collaborated with a large team to create a new iPad experience that was visually beautiful and technically modular. Integrated existed and new applications with various analytics services. Survived a hurricane and an earthquake in the same week. 

Open Source & Contract Work

Started AppApp, the first open source native iOS client for Leveraged an enterprise account to have over half of the platform (>5k users) testing nightly builds. Collaborated and organized several developers and designers, was often ready to support new functionality before the backend was live. 

Created MeatChat, the first open source native iOS client for Meatspaces. Implemented 3rd party authentication to enable websockets and leveraged new frameworks to create an intuitive user interface and minimize bandwidth consumption.

Delivered an iPad app to a mutli-billion dollar Tier 2 Auto Supplier from start to finish in less than a month in 2009. 

Created an open source on screen input framework for Cocos2d-iPhone, which was later published in multiple Apress Game Development books in 2008.


Feel free to contact me by email for code samples! 

Startups, Art, and Hacks

You were probably wondering about all of the gaps in my timeline. I've taken a lot of risks to co-found some of my own startups in addition to being the first technical hire for others, some are still floating, and others didn't make it. 

I often rely on contract work to make ends meet while I take these risks. From prototyping mobile experiences for artists in Downtown LA, to freelance iOS/Web Development. My favorite contracts tend to be time-constrained crisis control or porting/refactoring cross platform experiences. I value the importance of jumping into the low-level stuff everyone else is hesitant to touch in order to refactor it and make it much more pleasant to consume/utilize.

For fun, you could find me doing things like curating underground after-hours music events, producing my own beats, repairing drum machines, reverse-engineering hardware/software, or even evaluating the latest OS betas for security issues and personally identifiable information leaks.