8 years of networking & 1 year of AWS experience. Like to get in touch with new things. Moving towards Cloud Engineer/DevOps.

  New Taipei City, Taiwan

  [email protected]



  • Network Service : Proxy (Squid), DNS (Bind)
  • Nerwork Protocol : OSPF, EIGRP, HSRP, LACP, VTP, STP, IPSEC
  • Firewall : Palo Alto, Juniper ISG, Cisco ASA, Fortigate, Checkpoint
  • VPN : Fortigate, pfSense, PulseSecurity SA Series, Citrix Netscaler
  • Switch : Cisco, Extreme, Brocade
  • Router : Cisco ASR
  • Wireless : Cisco WLC 5508, Ruckus ZD 1200
  • Traffic Analyze : Netflow, Wireshark, sflow, TCPdump
  • Load Balance : A10 Thunder, Cisco ACE
  • Access Control : Cisco ISE


  •  AWS
    • VPC
    • EC2
    • S3
    • Route53
    • Direct Connect
    • Transit Gateway
    • Resource Access Manager


  • OS :   Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS
  • Virtualization :   VMware vSphere, Citrix Xen Server
  • Monitor: Centreon, Solarwinds, What's Up, Smokeping
  • Database:  Microsoft SQL Server


  •   git
  •   github
  •   docker



  • CCNA
  • CCNP


  •   RHCE
  •   MCITP
  •   MCSA
  •   MCTS


  •   AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

Work experience

104 Crop | Senior Network Engineer | 2020/03 - Now

  • Operation
    • On-premise Network (500+ User Site, Production Site, L2/L3 Network Device, Proxy, Firewall, VPN, FTP)
    • Cloud Network (AWS 150+ Accounts Network Service, AWS <-> IDC Network, AWS site DNS, AWS site Proxy)
  • Deployment
    • User site VPN, provides company colleagues working from home to access the company's intranet (500+ Users, Citrix Netscaler)
    • AWS Transit Gateway, replaces the original architecture (AWS Transit VPC), simplify the architecture and reduce maintenance costs (150+ AWS Accounts)
    • AWS Route53, replaces the original architecture (AWS EC2 DNS resolver), simplifies the architecture and reduces maintenance costs ( (150+ AWS Accounts)

Loticalis Taiwan | Network Engineer | 2013/07 - 2020/02

  • Operation
    • Enterprise and Government network (10+Internet Line, 100+ VLAN130+Branch office)
    • ServerFarm (Cisco N7K*4 with HACisco 2960*80)
    • Network Load Balance (F5-BIG*2 with HAA10 TH930*2 with HA)
    • Network Core Device (Cisco N9K*4Cisco N7K*4Cisco N6K*2Cisco N3K*10)
    • Wireless (Cisco WLC 5508, Cisco PoE switch*6Cisco Aironet Access Points*120)
  • Deployment
    • IPv6 Network (Juniper ISG-2000*2 with HACisco N7K*4 with VPC)
    • Wireless network signal monitoring to improve network management efficiency (Cisco PI*1)
    • Wireless network architecture changes, setting HA to increase availability (Cisco WLC 5508*2)
    • Microwave transmission network to improve network stability and data exchange rate (Cisco 2921*4)
    • External VPN network in Taiwan, increase network bandwidth and data exchange rate (Cisco 2911*302960*30)
    • Taiwan to Japan's IPSEC VPN. (Cisco C892FSP*1D-link switch*1)
    • Extranet, Improve network security (Cisco ASA 5585*2 with HACisco 2960*4)
    • Optimize the wide-area network to increase the utilization rate of the line (Cisco ASR 1006*1Cisco 2911*30WAVE-7541*1)
    • The monitoring system, monitoring the 130+ branch office & 400+ devices, improving network management efficiency (Solarwinds*1What’s Up*1)
    • SSL-VPN, improve network management efficiency (PulseSecurity SA 4500*1Fortigate 60E*1)
    • IPS, improve network security (McAfee IPS M4050*1Network Security Manager*1)
    • VoIP, improve the efficiency of internal communication(Cisco BE6K*1MCU*1express-e*1, express-c*1)
    • Edge switch, improve network bandwidth and efficiency (Cisco 2960*300Cisco C9200*40Cisco C9500*2Cisco C9300*4Cisco N3K*10)
    • DMZ, improve network security (Cisco 4500X with HA)
    • UserFarm, improve network security (Cisco N7K*2 with HAFortigate 1500D*2 with HA2960*80)
    • 10G High-speed network, increase bandwidth (Cisco N6K*2 with HACisco N3K*2 with HACisco C9300*4 with stack)
    • 40G High-speed network, improve bandwidth (Cisco N9K*4 with HACisco N3k*6 with HACisco C9300*40)
    • Identity authentication system to improve network information security (Cisco ISE*2 with HA)
    • Internet Architecture to increase external bandwidth (Cisco ASR 1006*2)
  • Relocation server room (Cisco 2811*2Cisco 2970*10Cisco 2960*20)



  • Listen (mother tongue)
  • Speak (mother tongue)
  • Read (mother tongue)
  • Write (mother tongue)


  • Listen (Daily conversations/technical videos)
  • Speak (Short conversation)
  • Read (Technical documents/general news)
  • Write (Short message)

Japanese | JLPT N2

  • Listion (Daily conversation/TV show)
  • Speak (Short conversation)
  • Read (General articles)
  • Write (No experience)


Longhua University of Science and Technology

Computer Information and Network Engineering

Bachelors, 2006 - 2010