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Carlos Augusto

Sr Front End Engineer (17 yrs)
UI/UX ∷ Design ∷ Marketing

I seek to contribute my extensive skill set to an innovative and passionate team building our future with blockchain.

I have over 17 years experience as a senior front end web developer, UI/UX designer, graphic designer, and over 10 years as a digital marketer, content creator, and copywriter.

I bring to the table a keen eye for design seasoned by an engineer’s attention to detail, combined with best-of writing, all driven by a passion for building a better future. I believe blockchain and crypto is where I can best leverage my skills to make the biggest impact.

Selected Professional Experience

Crazy Egg, March 2017 - Present

Contributing Writer, Digital Marketer

Crazy Egg is one of the world’s top digital marketing firms, co-founded by Neil Patel. Working directly with the VP of inbound marketing, I regularly produce content. My work was featured as one of the best of 2017.

Sample work: Published Content  |  Syndicated Content  |  Copywriting

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+X, Jan 1999 - Present


I’ve been freelancing for almost 20 years; +X is only the latest name for my consultancy. Since 1999 I’ve helped start several web development studios, acquiring clients such as Logitech, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard, as well as offering affordable and high quality services to small businesses.

A notable project I contributed to was PDC's DisasterAlert, which required advanced use of the Google Maps API for Javascript (v3), including drawing lines, circles, and custom shapes on the map, saving worldwide data as KML, usage of AGS, ESRI, and many other map layer types, advanced projection conversions, and libraries such as proj4js and Leaflet.

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Napster, Dec 2009 - Sept 2010

Senior Front End Engineer

At Napster I upgraded the mobile website to a modern version, created the latest Flash-based music player. Notably, I developed and compiled an ActionScript 3 SWC library that enabled millions of Flash users to access the Napster API within their projects. This required custom functionality which I pioneered by using ByteArray, which was the only possible way to handle certain data that was only visible by packet sniffing with Wireshark.

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FIM / MySpace, Nov 2006 - Feb 2008

Senior Front End Engineer

I led the front end team in building MySpace MyAds, basically what is now Facebook Ads, and it was the only profitable project in the years following FOX’s disastrous acquisition of MySpace.

Our small team implemented the entire front end framework in HTML, CSS, and the Dojo and Prototype Javascript libraries. I also evangelized and pioneered the use of Adobe Flex and implemented charting and reporting components using Flex Builder 2 / Actionscript 3.0.

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Digital Marketing & Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Piwik, Ahrefs, SpyFu, CoSchedule, HubSpot, MailChimp
  • PPC Advertising and Optimization, Advanced A/B Testing with Optimizely

Web Development & Software Engineering
  • OOP Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ember.js, Backbone, Angular JS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Flux / React, PHP, MySQL, NoSQL, Amazon AWS
  • Phonegap, Titanium
  • GitHub, Segment.io, Mixpanel, New Relic

Graphic Design

  • Entire Adobe suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc. 

Additional Skills 

  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Music: Piano & music theory, DAW software (Logic Pro, Ableton)


Art Institute of Los Angeles in Santa Monica

AA, 3D Animation, 1999 


Many, available upon request.

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Mark Reeder

Senior Software Engineer @ Uber

Formerly a senior software engineer at Napster, Mark is now contributing his extensive development skills at Uber.

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Casey Fenton

CEO @ Mastly, Former CEO @ CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing’s original founder, Casey brought the concept of facilitating hospitality exchange between global travelers and local hosts to the mainstream. The company raised ~$21M from Benchmark, Omidyar, General Catalyst & Menlo, and today is a global community of 14 million people in more than 200,000 cities.

More recently Casey co-founded Mastly, a bolt on replacement for the antiquated stock option system. Founders save time and money by instantly deploying transparent sweat equity pools. Team members start thinking like entrepreneurs, building value every step of the way.

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Sean Work

VP of Inbound Marketing @ Crazy Egg

Former structural engineering for Boeing turned Internet marketer since 2005, Sean has helped countless businesses get found online.

Now editor at The Daily Egg, and VP Inbound Marketing at Crazy Egg, one of the Internet's top digital marketing properties.

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Eric Blue

CEO @ ActiveOS

Former Director of Engineering at Boingo, Eric ran the systems development, SA/Net, and R&D groups for the company.

Now CEO of ActiveOS, Eric is pushing the technology envelope in the personal quantified health movement.

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Josué Sandigo

Director of IT @ SHPE

As a key member of the leadership team, Josué supervises all IT employees and vendors and ensures the development of SHPE’s overall planning, organizing, and execution of the organization’s technology functions.

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