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Carlos Augusto

Digital Marketing and Copywriting Expert

17 Years Advanced Front End Web Development

UI, UX, and Graphic Design Mastery

+1, 310-748-7666

[email protected]



I’m currently writing my first book and producing regular content for Crazy Egg, one of the world’s top digital marketing firms, co-founded by Neil Patel. I was featured in their top five best content of 2017.

My focus is on marketing, content, and design, using the best tools and software in the business, combined with powerful writing skills, professional designer's creativity, and a seasoned engineer's attention to detail.

I’m constantly building my writing abilities with a focus on high quality, compelling content, masterful copywriting that converts, and book writing. I also leverage my skill set from nearly two decades as a highly technical front end web developer and software engineer.

Selected Professional Experience

Crazy Egg, March 2017 - Present

Content creator, writer, and consultant. Leveraging my front end web development and digital marketing skills to contribute original material to one of the top digital marketing companies on the web.

Top Five Best of 2017Published Content  |  Syndicated Content  |  Copywriting

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+X, Jan 2015 - Present

Since 1999 I founded or co-founded several web design and development studios, including Sublime Designs, Think Corporate, Rewire Web, and my latest consulting business, +x (Plus X). Acquired clients over the years from small businesses of all types to large enterprises like Logitech, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard.

Since 2015, as the Principal of +x, I’ve continued to help clients all over the world improve their websites and extend their reach via digital marketing.

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Napster, Dec 2009 - Sept 2010

Upgraded the mobile website and created a more advanced version of the Napster site for iPhone and Android. Full regression / browser testing on a myriad of mobile phone browsers. Developed the Actionscript 3 library for the Napster API which provided an easy way for millions of Flash developers to access the API with a SWC library file.

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FIM / MySpace, Nov 2006 - Feb 2008

Built MySpace MyAds: the only profitable project in the years following FOX’s acquisition of MySpace (basically what is now Facebook Ads).

Lead Front End Engineer for the MySpace MyAds web application. With a small front end team, implemented the entire front end framework in HTML, CSS, and the Dojo and Prototype Javascript libraries. Also implemented charting and reporting components using Flex Builder 2 / Actionscript 3.0. Since 2008, after paving the way for Facebook Ads, MyAds has transformed to become a hyper-targeted PPC advertising system across hundreds of leading web-sites.

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Additional Projects

PDC DisasterAlert, 2015, Sr. Developer

Advanced use of Google Maps API for Javascript (v3), including drawing lines, circles, and custom shapes on the map, saving worldwide data as KML, usage of AGS, ESRI, and many other layer types, advanced projection conversions, libraries such as proj4js, Leaflet.

Sovolve2013, Director of Tech

Joined Casey Fenton, the founder of CouchSurfing, on Maui as Director of Tech to help build his startup app, Wonder. We conducted deep research and team brainstorming to evaluate and decide upon the entire tech stack, including Ember JS on the front end; PHP, MySQL, and CouchDB on the back end; and Neo4j as a highly performant graph database to handle complex networks of friends-of-friends, similar to Facebook's approach. Also, configuration of a highly scalable production environment in AWS using CloudFront, Elastic Beanstalk, and other services, all fully automated for deployment via Chef

Management focus on keeping the team motivated and facilitating communication of the daily progress and roadblocks of the on-site and remote team members to the main group.

R/GA, 2014, Front End Developer

Helped to build The Galaxy 11 site using advanced CSS animation and state of the art web technologies, including beautiful animations, high tech visuals, and a component to allow users to take a photo of their face using their webcam and apply it as a live texture onto the animated playable characters.

DIRECTV, 2011, Ideation Engineer

Built the technology platform for this multimedia start-up in 1999 from the ground up. Made key decisions in software that would be modular and scalable. Developed key proprietary technology such as the Vmatrix Video Sniffer™ which determined the end-user's installed video players and connection speed to automatically deliver the most optimized video content for the end user, based on pixel dimensions, compression quality, file size, and file type / player. An industry first, Vmatrix had this technology years before major video sites such as MTV.

Digital Marketing Skills

Google Analytics and other traffic analysis tools (i.e. Crazy Egg, Piwik) — Ahrefs SEO suite and other SEO tools (i.e. SpyFu) — CoSchedule and other marketing automation suites (i.e. HubSpot) — AdWords and PPC advertising for both search and social — MailChimp and other email marketing tools — Optimizely and other A/B testing tools — WebinarJam — Able to pick up and develop deep understanding of new tools very quickly

Technical Skills


OOP Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, top JS libraries and frameworks, top CSS frameworks.

PHP, MySQL, Amazon AWS, Mobile frameworks such as Phonegap, version control with git


Very artistic edge and keen design eye.

Expertise with Photoshop, Illustrator, and numerous graphics tools.


Extensive experience as both a technical and project manager, successful recruiter, and team builder.

Focused on results through creating positive and motivational relationships with developers.


Phone and email contacts for my references are available upon request.

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Casey Fenton

CEO @ Mastly, Former CEO @ CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing’s original founder, Casey brought the concept of facilitating hospitality exchange between global travelers and local hosts to the mainstream. The company raised ~$21M from Benchmark, Omidyar, General Catalyst & Menlo, and today is a global community of 14 million people in more than 200,000 cities.

More recently Casey co-founded Mastly, a bolt on replacement for the antiquated stock option system. Founders save time and money by instantly deploying transparent sweat equity pools. Team members start thinking like entrepreneurs, building value every step of the way.

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Sean Work

VP of Inbound Marketing @ Crazy Egg

Former structural engineering for Boeing turned Internet marketer since 2005, Sean has helped countless businesses get found online.

Now editor at The Daily Egg, and VP Inbound Marketing at Crazy Egg, one of the Internet's top digital marketing properties.

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Eric Blue

CEO @ ActiveOS

Former Director of Engineering at Boingo, Eric ran the systems development, SA/Net, and R&D groups for the company.

Now CEO of ActiveOS, Eric is pushing the technology envelope in the personal quantified health movement.

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Mark Reeder

Senior Software Engineer @ Uber

Formerly a senior software engineer at Napster, Mark is now contributing his extensive development skills at Uber.

Additional Skills

Languages: Fluent in English, Nearly fluent in Portuguese, Spanish

Music: Pianist of 30 years. 8 Years music theory. DAW software (Logic Pro X, Ableton 9)

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