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李庭瑜 Sophie Lee

A Junior student in National Chiao Tung University.


Personal Details

Email: [email protected] | Phone number: 0983693986 | Born in Göttingen, Germany on May 26 th, 2001 | Nationality: Taiwanese


Major in Management Science, and submajor in Applied Mathematics in National Chiao Tung University. 2019 / 8 - Present

 Graduated from National Tainan Girl's Senior High School. 2016 / 9 -2019 / 6


HR intern at MGR Consulting.

2021.12 - Present.

Participated in Futures trading competition.

ROI:12.9% for 3 months(67th place among 350 groups .

Participated in physics debate (Taiwan Young-Student Physicists' Tournament).

Participated in 宿營 in sophomore year. 

Leading the whole team(including freshmen and my classmates) to join the event safely.

Study tour in Canada.

English tutor for 1 year.

Managing an  fan page of 55 k followers on Instagram .

Started from 0 follower.

Skills & Personality

 Familiar with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word & PowerPoint), Python and a little bit matlab.

 Currently take the courses on AWS Educate. 

 Fast learner. 

 Able to work closely with team but also independently.

 Logic-thinking and highly organized also attentive.

Language Level

Chinese — native language

English — fluent (GEPT  High-Intermediate Level , TOEIC Golden Certificate )

German, Spanish, French , Japanese — moderate communication and reading skills.


Accounting (1&2), Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Production Management., Computational Mathematics, MIS, Statistics and Organizational behavior.

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