Jackson Wang 王証頡

Front-End Web Developer

Expertise in React, CSS-in-JS development

Skills: React.js, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Next.js, React Hooks, Redux, styled-components, SWR, Chakra UI, Tailwind CSS, SCSS / SASS, git, Github, RESTful API, Webpack

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WinBack, Front-End Developer, Mar 2020 ~ May 2022

  • Independently developed the front-end website of the event ticketing platform, providing services for browsing events, members logging in to purchase tickets, and admission voucher services, as well as dashboard statistics, event content editing, ticketing/questionnaire surveys, and financial reporting system for the event organizers.
  • Led the development of the 2021 Future Commerce official website, integrated the exhibitor's membership system, and import our ticketing platform to provide free and paid ticket sales for many sub-events in the exhibition.
  • According to the design system planned by the designer, use the CSS-in-JS framework to develop reusable UI components, which are used to update the front-end and back-end interfaces of our platform, to double the development speed and achieve a consistent DX.
  • Developed 2020 Future Commerce, 2020 Taipei AMPA... etc., virtual event website. Integrated the membership system of the exhibitors for registration and exhibition use. There are thousands to tens of thousands of browsing interactions during the exhibition.

Technologies: Next.js (incl. API Routes), React, React Hooks, SWR, Vercel Workflow, Chakra UI, styled-components, Webpack, crypto-js, Cookie, cypress

Fontech, Front-End Developer, Apr 2017 ~ Jan 2020

  • Led the front-end team and the back-end team to move from the Laravel MVC architecture to the MVVM architecture for separate front-end and back-end development, using Next.js as the main front-end framework. Not only does it start using SPA, but also prompts the front-end team to focus on front-end development, improving the experience of website users and developers.
  • Developed SEGA Event, the event registration website with the team, split the planning pages and modules for members to build, also develop the front-end user registration website and the back-end manager website together, and integrated the backend API to complete the content editing, QR Code admission and account authority management pages.
  • Developed commonly used layout packages and published them to npm or Github for use in various projects.
  • Built more than 20 websites from scratch, including static websites and dynamically generated websites, implemented RWD, back-end API integration, account/Oauth login, i18n, conformance level AA of Accessible Web Development Guidelines in Taiwan......etc.

Technologies: Next.js, React, React Hooks, Redux, styled-components, RESTful API, Rollup, Laravel, Vue.js, SCSS, JavaScript, HTML


Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering          2013 ~ 2017

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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