2+ Years of Front-end Development

前端工程師 Front-End Developer
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- Over 3+ years for programming. 3+ years of Front-end Developer.

- Solid understanding of Javascript (with Typescript).

- Experienced in developing with at least one modern framework, like React.js/Redux, and so on.

- Familiar with ES6, ES7, HTML5, CSS3.

- Experienced in building reusable components as company assets.

- Knowledge of best practice and optimization of web application.

- Ability to use development tools like element inspector, and framework debug tools.

- Hands-on experience of developing with React.js, Redux, and Webpack.

- Experienced in application build processes and tools, like node.js, Webpack, babel, and so on.

- Building Native App using React Native and publish them using fastlane and appcenter.



  • Javascript(ES6) / JQuery / Typescript
  • React / React Hooks / Redux / React Native / Vue
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic-UI


  • VS Code / Atom
  • Postman
  • Git
  • Webpack / Webpack-server
  • npm


mac os

NodeJS / express






夯客股份有限公司, Front-End Engineer, June 2020 ~ Present

- CMS Platform, Merchant Platform, Consumer Platform, Resource Tool, Official Website
  • 1.HTML, React, Redux, Next.js, and relevant lib.
- Responsibility task
  • Planning architecture.
  • Deploy Web to AWS with or without the Dock.
  • Co-work with backend
  • Co-work with UI/UX
- Resource Tool
  • React Native, and relevant lib.
  • Fastlane
  • Azure AppCenter + CodePush
- Responsibility task
  • Planning architecture.
  • Deploy App to testflight and google store by AppCenter and fastlane.
  • Co-work with backend
  • Co-work with UI/UX

勝德研發國際股份有限公司, Front-End Engineer, Dec 2019 ~ June 2020

Dashboard Platform(React and ReactNative)
- Platform environment of Front-end

  • 1.HTML, React, Redux, Git
  • 2.React Native, Redux, Git
- Responsibility task
  • Make an dashboard that could be interactive whit end-user,
  • Dashboard Task:
    1. Device Register
    2. Device Status Trace
    3. Device Setting
    4. ...etc

Factory Platform(React)
- Platform environment of Front-end
  • HTML, React, Redux, Git
- Responsibility task
  • Making a dashboard to display production line status, and electronic quality control form.

瑞德感知科技股份有限公司, R&D Engineer, Mar 2018 ~ Nov 2019

Product Mechanical Design

Production Tracer Platform(React)
- Platform environment of Front-end

  • HTML, React, Redux, Git
- Responsibility task
  • Implement Production lifecycle trace.
  • Collaborated with Back-end to get data from server side.

Voltage Jig
- Platform environment of Front-end
  • HTML, Websocket, D3.js
- Responsibility task
  • Display and receive the voltage binary form Jig, and make those data to line chart


勤益科技大學, 學士學位, 機械工程, 2006 ~ 2010

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