Srebalaji Thirumalai

I have over four years of experience as software engineer. By incorporating my programming skills, I have developed several humanitarian products and also actively looking for opportunities to work on challenging projects.

Software Engineer
Chennai, IN
[email protected]

  • Proficient in building full-stack applications and APIs in Rails, JavaScript
  • Proficient in JavaScript ecosystems such as NodeJs, ReactJs
  • Knowledge in Postgresql, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Proficient in Data-structures, Algorithms, and Software design patterns
  • Experience in architecting and developing multi-tenant applications
  • Experience in developing event based micro-service systems
  • Knowledge in TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development)


Software Engineer at VakilSearch, Oct 2017 - Present

  • Responsible for building and maintaining "LIBRA" - A legal management software in the cloud.
  • Adding new features and scaling the application to thousands of users across India.

Software Engineer at FixNix, Aug 2016 - Sep 2017

I was one of the main developers involved in architecting and developing GRC suite which allows businesses to maintain their internal audit and compliance systems.

  • An internal audit management system that helps auditors and other people to audit any system in the highly collaborative environment.
  • An asset management system that helps companies to track and maintain their assets and easily audit their assets in one single place.
  • The compliance management system that helps companies to manage, automate and assess compliances.
  • Integrated electronic signature in audit reports making it easy for people to sign and track the process easily.

Application Developer at GoGoTruck, Jul 2015 - Jul 2016

I was responsible for developing a logistics management system which allowed to manage everyday bookings of trucks, invoices, payments in both B2B and in B2C.

  • Bookings management system to track everyday bookings of trucks, price, timings of vehicles and other details.
  • Inbuilt invoice management system which will automatically deliver invoice through SMS and an email when the trip completes.
  • Weekly and monthly payment report system that automates the payment process to drivers and keeps tracks of credit details of B2B customers.
  • Creating and maintaining API endpoints for mobile applications.


B.E Computer Science And Engineering – S.R.M Valliammai Engineering College

Achievements: Won “SPECIAL ACHIEVERS AWARD OF THE YEAR 2015” in my college for my projects and extracurricular activities.

Specialization: Programming, data-structures and algorithms, database management and other computer science topics.

Certifications: Certified as "Oracle Certified"


100 Days Of Algorithms

100 days sprint of coding in algorithms and data structures.


LazyPr is a ruby gem that helps you to create a Pull Request in Github from CLI. The gem has more than 700 downloads.

MailTo - Killer

MailTo Killer is a chrome extension that overrides the native email client and prompts to copy the email address when an email link is clicked in the browser.


I have always excited about the projects shared by fellow makers in the hackers community. So I created a simple forum in Rails to share the products, makers are currently working on.

PH - Best Of Every Month

I'm an active member of Product Hunt. As the community started to grow, there was no easy way to remember products that got published a few weeks back. So I thought of solving this simple problem by developing a small product that lists out the most upvoted products of each day of any given month.

I have developed much more projects in my free time. You can take a look at my Github profile


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