吳睿哲 Jui-Che Wu

I'm experienced in software development, multilingual communication, have strong passion to learn new knowledge and cooperate with people in cross domain. I majored in Mechanical Engineering in college, but also took almost all of the compulsory courses of Computer Science and Information Engineering and part of the courses of Electrical Engineering.

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National Taiwan University, Electrical Engineering, Master, 2017/09 ~ 2020/01

National Cheng Kung University, Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor, 2013/09 ~ 2017/06



  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • R
  • Matlab


  • System Program Design
  • Parallel Computing
  • Object-Oriented Programming 
  • Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning


  • English: TOEIC 810

Software / Tools

  •  Pthread / Semaphore 
  •  Makefile 
  •  Shell Script 
  •  Git 
  •  CUDA 
  •  MySQL 
  •  UML 
  •  Keras 
  •  OpenCV

Development Experiences

  • System Program Design : By using System Call of C Library, I connect laptop and the drone via wifi, and perform I/O operation using TCP, which can send data and control the drone simultaneously.  
  • Socket Programming : I build a client-server chatting system using muti-thread programming, which can perform read and write simultaneously without blocking.       
  • Software Design Patterns : I utilized some existing design patterns to optimize my Circuit traversal program.   Using Facade to manage the circuit operation  uniformly (ex: read circuit), Strategy to  increase traverse algorithm (ex: BFS, DFS).

Related Courses 

  • Data Structure
  • Algorithm
  • Operating System
  • Computer Organization
  • Introduction to IOT
  • Computer Networking


IBM Taiwan, 2019/07 ~ 2019/09

  • LocationTaipei, Taiwan
  • Job TitleSoftware Development & Support (GSSC)
  • Description
     I was responsible for Chatbot design, the job description included data preprocessing and Watson NLP model training. By increasing the training data using the method publish in well-known paper and ensemble the RNN model, I've improved the accuracy of the semantic classification task by 2%. During internship, not only did I learn the state of the art machine learning technique, but also cultivate the ability to cooperate and communicate with people in cross domain.


Cadence Design Systems, Inc, Oct 2020 ~ Current

  • LocationHsinchu, Taiwan
  • Job TitleSoftware Engineer R&D
  • Description

    I've worked as a software engineer in Machine Learning R&D team. My job description includes using the machine learning technique to improve the current Auto placement and routing (APR) flow, which is in the back-end of IC design flow. This work requires to trace and debug C++ codes as well as training model to predict the behavior of the IC.  


Thesis:Person Surveillance System by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Image-Based Visual Servoing Control (2019/07)

Related Field:Computer Vision,  Image processing, Robotics,  Communication, Automatic Control

Contribution:Resolving the problem of absence of real scale using pure monocular camera and ultrasound

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Cheng Kung University Singing Club

  • Title: Public Relation (PR)
  • Time: 2015/09 ~ 2016/09
  • Description: During my  Junior in college, I have served as a PR in singing club. My duty is to deal with the affair such as Contacting the manufacturer,  fundraising, and looking for professional adjudicator. I learned not only the singing skill but also how to communicate with others.

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Cheng Kung University Child Service Team

  • Title: Team Member
  • Time: 2015/02 ~ 2015/06
  • Description: In the second semester of  sophomore, I joined the Child Service Team. We provide food during the activity and teach them some curriculum such as math. In this team, I learned how to be a  selfless person. 

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  • Title: Team Member
  • Time: 2014/07 ~ 2014/08
  • Description: When I was a freshman in college, I joined YMCA and volunteered to help  the poor children in Shanghai. We help the local kids build schools, give the children the opportunity to be educated, which is a precious experience to me.

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