Ryan Chang

Composites Engineer, SAMPE

Have more than 3 years of practical experience in composites material and 50 parts manufacturing experience. 

I am working at Sunwell Carbon Fiber Compostes Co., Ltd. as an R&D Engineer, leading the CFRP Spar Cap development project. 

Skilled in Prepreg Compression Molding and Autocalve, Pultrusion process. 

I believe that composites is the key material for the future world.

 Changhua, TW

 [email protected]

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  • 3 years+ of practical experience in composites material

  1. Skilled in Prepreg compression molding, Autoclave and Pultrusion processes.
  2. Be familiar with 3D CAD and Tooling design concept.

  • New Product Introduction 
  1. Before Trial: Understand the customer's require first, then conduct the DFM report. By chosing appropriate material and manufacturing process to have the best quality and lowest cost. Then design an expriment plan and setting up the develop schedule. 
  2.  Trial Run: Follow the schedule to run the experiment, find the problem during experiment then solve the problem and update the schedule. 
  3. Serial Trial: Set the SOP and SIP. Then conduct the product trial production together with the Engineering department, production department and quality control department and solve the problem . 
  4. Project Import: Lead the manufacturing process and solve the problem to achieve the yield target.
  •  Process Improvement
  1.   Analyze the problem from production, propose an improvement plan to improve the quality of product. 
  •  Material Analysis 
  1.  Choose the appropriate fiber, resin, prepreg, honeycomb, adhesive, tool for the appropriate product. 
  2.  Have the abilities to test FVF, Tensile, Compression, Flexural, ILSS, GIC with ASTM or ISO standard.


  • Prepreg compression molding 
  • Autoclave 
  • Pultrusion 
  • RTM 
  • Table rolling


  • CATIA V5 
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

Mechanical Testing

  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Bending
  • ILSS
  • G1C

Physical Testing 

  • Tg
  • FVF 
  • Density
  • Viscosity


  • 3D printing
  • Machining Knowledge
  • Tooling Design
  • CAE

 Work Experience

Sunwell Carbon Fiber Composite Co., Ltd - R&D Engineer

2020/09 ~ Now

Leading the development of 2 types CFRP Spar Cap using in wind turbine blades.

  • Dispatched to Jiangsu for half year to learning the GFRP Spar Cap development with pultrusion process. Then back to Taiwan headquarter to develop the CFRP Spar Cap in wind turbine blades. 
  • Skilled in Pultrusion process(Epoxy). 
  • Commuicated with customer Engineer (Vestas, SGRE, etc.) to check the technical issue. 
  • Responsible for the testing of mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties of products. 
  • Collaborated with MFG, QC and ED department to deal with the problem of production issues or customer complaints.

KCMG Composites (Taiwan) - Process Development Engineer

2019/01 ~ 2020/09

Responsible for manufacturing composites parts of racing cars, including FIA F3 / F4 / GT3 / WTCR and NASCAR, etc. Well-know cusomer such as Toyota Gazoo racing, Toyota racing Department, Nismo, JAS Motorsport, Ycom, etc.

  • Manufactured and designed more than 50 composite products for racing and sports. 
  • Proficient in Autoclave and PCM process. 
  • Used CATIA to generate prepreg Plycut, and used cutting layout software to optimize the utilization of prepreg. 
  • Made DFM report. 
  • Communicated with multinatonal customer or MFG to solve problem. 
  • Searched and evaluated new materials and suppliers.


Feng Chia University (Taiwan) - Teaching Assistant

 2017/09 ~ 2018/07 

  • Responsible for teaching the composites experiment courses. (about 100 students)  
  • Teached knowledge including: Calculated the formulation of epoxy prepreg, cloth cutting, resin impregnation, lamination, curing cycle design, mechanical property testing, etc.


Wells Advanced Materials (Shanghai) -  Intern at QC dept.

 2016/02 ~ 2016/06

  • Executed the mechanical and chemical testing of epoxy resin.
  • Studied the best flow speed of HPLC to optimize the inspection efficiency.



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Composites Engineer-The Primary Level

Plastics Industry Development Center
Expired Date: 2023/12
Certificate No. : CE-I-00009-2018

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CSWA–Mechanical Design

Dassault Systèmes
Expired Date: never expire
Certificate No. : C-Z6ZYV62MXV

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AutoCAD Cerified Professional

Expired Date: never expire
Certificate No : 00434762

Readings 00 01@2x

Toeic Listening and Reading Test

Test Date : 2018/06
score : 690


Feng Chia University - Master degree (Dept. of Fiber and composites material)

2016/09 ~ 2018/06                                    
  • Researched and studied in the composites structure and process lab.
  • Tested the mechanical properties of composites for 3 companies. 
  • Collaborated with 1 company to develop 3D printing.

Feng Chia University - Bachelor's degree (Dept. of Fiber and composites material)
2012/09 ~ 2016/06                                                   

  • Studied in the composites structure and process lab.
  • Obtained the polymer and organic materials & computer-aided research and development program.
  • Familiar with using CAD software and understand the NDT technology.
  • Had scholarship for the best grade in class, 1st semester of 2012 academic year.

Master's Thesis -
Design, Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Stacked Composites Disc Spring

Projects 01 00@2x
Designed and manufactured a new type of composites stacked disc spring. 
  1. Use Solidworks to design the disc spring, and use ABAQUS to analyze and optimize the fiber angle of prerpeg.
  2. A variety of single disc springs were designed and tested for their compression performance.
  3. The predict fatigue life cycle of  the best performance stacked composites disc spring reached 430000 times. 

Bachelor's Graduation Project -

The Bending properties of Motorcycle Engine Fixed Link with Respect to Laminate Structure

Projects 01 00@2x

  1. By using [45/-45] UD prepreg in the specific area to reinforce the composites engine link. 
  2. The bending strength is increase to 10.31%.
  3. The weight is reduced to 40% compare to aluminum engine link.

Project Experience
Projects 00 00@2x

1. FIA F4 Racing Car


1. Participated in trial production about 10 parts total, such as
    Engine Cover, Keel Inboard, Front Crash Box.
2. Used CATIA to design Plycut and nesting the ply, learned to
    communicate with multi department and solved problem

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2. FIA F4 scrutineering


1. Cooperated with customer to design prepreg lay-up and
     sandwich structure.
2. Led the manufacturing process.

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3. Honda WTCR Racing Car


1. Led the lay-up design of 8 parts, including Front Splitter,
     Engine Duct, Rear Wing, etc.
2. Used nesting software to reduce nesting time and reduced
    material waste.

Projects 00 00@2x

4. Toyota WTCR Racing Car


1. Led the lay-up and tooling design and manufacture process of
     all parts, including Rear Bumper, Engine Duct, etc.
2. Collaborated with Toyota's engineers to solve technical issue.

Tooling/Jigs Design Experience

PCM Tooling of Motorcycle Rear Mirror  


Material: AL6061-T6 

Software: CATIA V5

Design Concept: Split the tool according to the result of the draft analysis, and the resin overflow grooves were designed on the lower tool to reduce the flash and dry fiber.

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Trimming Jig of
Rear Wing


Material: AL6061-T6, SUS304, ABS

Software: CATIA V5 

Design Concept: According to the shape and fixture point of the wing to design this jig. Used movable design at one side to avoid interference when assemble the part to the jig. 

 About Me

I am a person who focuses on the detail and ask myself with high standard.  Sometimes it will cause the progress slow and cause some stress to me, but  I won't give up easily, so I can always get things done. 

I hope that joining the company, I can utilize my knowledge and experience of composites to collaborated with teams to do more things with high standards.
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