Ssu Chiu

                    New Taipei City, Taiwan         (+886) 958870320           [email protected]



National Chengchi University Sep. 2016 ~ Jul. 2020 

  • B.S. in Computer Science (GPA 4.19 /  4.3)
  • Double Major in Digital content & Technologies 
  • TA experience: Programming 101 (2020 Spring), Computer Programming (2020 Spring)

National Taiwan University Sep. 2020 ~ Jul. 2022

  • M.S. in Networking and Multimedia (GPA 4.11 / 4.3)
  • TA experience: Applied Deep Learning (2022 Spring)


  • Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, JavaScript, C/C++, Shell Script, Swift
  • Web: jQuery, Node.js, Rails, Django, Nginx
  • Tools: Sublime, Xcode, ITerm, Vim
  • Other Skills: Azure, Pytorch, Linux, Processing
  • Interests: NLP, Dialogue, Website
  • Certification: AZ-900 Microsoft Azure



NCCU Computer Center

Jul. 2018  –  Jun. 2019

  • Develop and maintain National Chengchi University's application.
  • Including weather (forecast, air quality), YouBike, bus, map, and food.
  • Help to adopt Elasticsearch to improve the course search system.

Research Assistant

Chang Lab TW

Jan. 2020  –  Jul. 2020

  • The Critical Assessment of protein Function Annotation algorithms Challenge (CAFA 4).
  • Predict the function of a protein from its sequence or structure.
  • Developed a CNN model, KNN, similarity method.


Ministry of Science and Technology

Jul. 2019.  –  Feb. 2020

  • Hi-c improve Sequence assembly In Reads Integration.
  • Investigate the probability of integrating OLC, De Bruijn Graphs, and Hi-C information collected from GenBank.
  • Undergraduate student research program, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).


SalesBot: Transitioning from Chit-Chat to Task-Oriented Dialogues

Ssu Chiu, Maolin Li, Yen-Ting Lin, Yun-Nung Chen

60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics - ACL 2022

Miutsu: NTU’s TaskBot for the Alexa Prize

Yen-Ting Lin, Hui-Chi Kuo, Ze-Song Xu, Ssu Chiu, Chieh-Chi Hung, Yi-Cheng Chen, Chao-Wei Huang, Yun-Nung Chen

Alexa Prize TaskBot Challenge

Software Projects

Alexa Prize Taskbot Challenge Mar. 2021  –  May. 2022

  • Skills: Python, AWS, NLU, Transformer, Docker
  • College or university students build an Alexa skill using the Alexa Skills Kit APIs for use in the United States, which assists Alexa users in accomplishing tasks related to cooking and DIY.  –  click
  • Up to ten teams worldwide will be selected and sponsored by Amazon.

Careerhack Feb. 2020  –  Feb. 2020

  • Anomaly Detection, Labeling with AI, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).
  • Binarize images and build a VGG16, ResNet50 model to detect defective cloth.
  • TSMC  X  Microsoft.

Trending Accounting Feb. 2019  – Jun. 2019

  • The product feature is a customized ledger and multi-person project sharing.  –  click
  • Participate in the production of functional map and UI flow.
  • Complete wireframe and prototype (Figma) independently.   

Accounting Jan. 2019  –  Jul. 2019

  • Develop an iPad application on Xcode with Swift and SQLite as the database.  –  click
  • It's an application to deal with accounting management and generate vegetable delivery orders.

I'mpression Stamp Sep. 2018  –  Jun. 2019

  • Backend: Node.js,  Pixi.js, JSFeat.  –  click
  • Build a device with NodeMCU to transport button data to the website deploying on Azure VM.
  • GoDaddy (

Bus Tracker Jul. 2018  –  Sep. 2018

  • Backend: –  click
  • Process the data fetched from Public Transport Data eXchange (PTX).
  • Apply jQuery Ajax to the real-time bus information.

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