Stella Chang

Product owner in TrendMicro.

Started as an operational business process analyst in 2018 and became a product owner in 2019.
Now working with DevOps team to deliver internal services within TrendMicro; lead the team to deliver 4 apps in 2020.

Dec, 2018 at TrendMicro Global AI Contest. ->

(I know it's weird to put group photo in resume, but I really love this photo taken at the end of the contest.) 


Work Experience

Jan, 2018 - Present

Business Process Analyst


  • Stakeholder Management: 
    • Ensure transparent and smooth communication between stakeholders and regional supports in a timely manner. 
    • Delivered 4 apps in 2020 on time.
  • Requirement breakdown and writing & Product Delivery: 
    • Coordinate and lead team to deliver pragmatic and scalable feature and solution to fit business needs under agile methodology. 
    • The MVP delivery practice has been rewarded in 2020 STOC- DevOps best practice in TrendMicro.
  • Crossed-Team Consolidation: 
    • Report team's status to department director
    • arrange resources and co-work with other internal systems owners.
    • Having the services integrated with different regional services in PH, JP, and EU.

2020 Project Achievements 

Here are the project achievements I had as a product owner in the DevOps team.

Leading Products

Trend Video

An educational portal open to public for promoting arts and literature.  

JARVIS Mobile App

  • A mobile solution designed for Trenders
  • EVPs and 400+ Trenders are using it.


  • Trenders’ internal learning portal.
  • 77%+ Trenders visited the portal for training in 2020.

Apr, 2017 - Oct, 2019

Business Support  

Samsung Electronics.

1.Payment Request Review: 

  •     Reviewed the payment request from marketing and sales.
  •     In charge of 32.6% payment request of the company

2.Return Management: 

  •     Reviewed the return data every month and confirm the device model and return amount with dealers
  •      In charge of 1 major dear’s return management, 32% of the total return amount

3.Budget Management: 

  •      Prevented abnormal payment by analyzing data, which is one of the key team KPI

Jan, 2015 - Feb, 2017

Project Manager

Taiwan Knowledge Bank

1.Run annual charitable activities:

  •     managed annually charitable activity to raise brand awareness.
  •     achieved KPI without any advertising fee: 30k↑ views online and 100↑ enrolled teams.

2.Product design proposal: 

  •      CEO had regular meetings with managers from different brands and I was responsible for summarizing the research and making proposals.
  •      One proposed product has been sold online.

3.Manage cross-brand projects: 

  •       in charge of interior management projects, from designing questionnaire to analyzing the data, for 2016 product research and 2017 personnel research.


2011 - 2015

National Chengchi University

English Literature

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