- Familiar with large data query. ( 10 million+, oracle)
- Intermediate skill on Front-End Developing. ( HTML, CSS )
- Advanced skill on Back-End Developing. ( PHP, Node JS, Python )
- Transnational cooperation with medium-sized team. ( about 20+ teammates )
- Always have strong willing to learn.

- E-commerce platform in Taiwan.
- Warehouse manage system in China.

Software Engineer
Taipei Special Municipality,TW
[email protected]


Program Language: PHP

Framework: ThinkPHP(5.1), Laravel(5.4)
Database: Oracle, MySql
Vsersion Control: Git, SVN


Programming Language: Python, NodeJS



Evision Solution, Web Developer, Aug 2019 ~ 現在

- Develop a online game platform.
- Import CI/CD into team work flow. (Git-Flow, auto testing, etc)

--------- Technics -----------
Program Language: PHP
Database: MySql, Reddis
Framework: ThinkPHP 5.1
Version Control: Git

--------- Desc -----------

Main work is to develop and establish a game platform, which contain verious thirdparty games and multiple service, such as SMS, money transfer...etc.

Import CI/CD is simply try to solve some classic wrong situations. To do that, I took lot of time on learn how it work, which improved my skill on Linux and Jenkins. Although the result is not good as expected, CI/CD still have some benefit on code quality.

We can not really benefit from CI/CD, because we still have some work not yet finished: database migration, test coverage...etc.

Papyless Co.,Ltd, Software Engineer , Mar 2018 ~ Sep 2018

- Develop some image transform toolkit.
- Develop a brand new item manage system.

--------- Technics -----------

Program Language: PHP, Node JS

Database: MySql, Reddis

Framework: Laravel

Version Control: Git

--------- Desc -----------
The most I've done is to improve efficiency of back-end system. To do that we imported reddis cluster and upgraded some image processing tools via Node JS. We also refactored some program for e-book reading system.

Before I'm leaving, my biggest project is to design and develop a item manage system for a online shop. Unfortunately, this project is somehow unacceptable by C.T.O, who always asked me to develop a public product lunch system... I've had no choice but close it.

Kangxi Manpower Dispatch Co., Ltd., Software Engineer, Apr 2017 ~ Nov 2017

- Maintain and develop reverse logistics in WMS(warehouse manage system)
- Refactor core of WMS.

--------- Technics -----------
Program Language: PHP
Database: Oracle
Framework: CodeIgniter 2
Version Control: SVN

--------- Desc -----------

Major mission is to refactor and maintain system of reverse logistics. We worked with colleagues in Shanghai and use restful API to exchange data from our online shop.

Have tried to import scrum when I was promoted to team leader. This attempt failed because of high coupling program.

I was also assigned to refactor the high coupling core code. Unfortunately, they shut down this develop team (and this project as well) after an acquisition.

GREEN PRESTIGE PTE. LTD. , Software Engineer, Feb 2014 ~ Apr 2017

- Maintain and develop [email protected] and
- Maintain and develop [email protected]

--------- Technics -----------
Program Language: PHP
Database: Oracle
Framework: CodeIgniter 2
Version Control: Git

--------- Desc -----------

In ERP system, our team was in charging of providing contract data (more than 10k suppliers) to other subsystem and data for balancing account.(at least 10M rows of data per month).

Challenge of contract system is to make sure system have high flexibility to facing different charging methods. After we rebuilt the system, it can provide charging methods depend on item categories. A colleague and I redesign whole db schema for that.

I was also the main developer while we rebuilt the system of balance account. It was made to calculate much more correctly and efficiently.(Accelerate this subsystem about 100% by apply design pattern: factory)

Garena, Programmer, Jul 2009 ~ Jul 2013

- Website design programmer, multiple official website and events site(more than 50) of game.

--------- Technics -----------
Program Language: PHP, JQuery
Database: MySql
Framework: none
Version Control: none

--------- Desc -----------

Experience of developing websites from void. Hand made everything except graphic.

We do solve lots of problems in these handy work. Some were technical aspects, such as XSS, Sql Injection. Other were much complicated, such as hackers, DDOS and so on. Fortunately I had good colleagues to solve these together and make them become useful experience.


National University of Kaohsiung, Bachelor's degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2004 ~ 2008

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