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Steve Dang 

I have 600 hrs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) training classes in III (Institute of Information Industrial, Taiwan) and 15 year experience in Project Management field of mobile phone R&D.  Although I'm a senior person, still have intellectually curious, passionate, and self-motivation to work.

looking for jobs : Algorithm Engineer/ Data Scientist/ Sr. Project Management

email : [email protected]

Mobile : +886-952-957229


Skill 1

Focus on Object Detection in Artificial Intelligence project.  Also, had Statistic Thesis for vision Algorithm conductive for MS degree and conducted an Algorithm for stock market prediction.

Skill 2

Have excellent Statistic and Electrical Control Engineering background.  I have been worked as SAS programmer in MO Gov't, USA for 1 year.

Skill 3

Have 15 year experience in R&D Project Management on Mobile phone & tablet ODM industrial field.

Project - Object Detection (faces and traffic signs)

Projects 01 00@2x

It is Object Detection by using FR-CNN of Tensor Flow with 8,000 labeling training and 2,000 testing objects. The objects are 6 human faces and 10 traffic signs.

Project - in Github (Taipei Real Estate Model)


AI 600 Hr. Class - Institute for Information Industry (III) NGO, TW, 8/6/2018~12/26/2018

        Major : AI Self-Driving Car project (Python, Data Science, Machine Learn, OpenCV, TensorFlow) .

M. S. of E. E.--- University of Missouri-Columbia, MO, USA

        Major : Semi-Conductor Manufacture & Control Eng.

M. S. of I. E.--- University of Missouri-Columbia, MO, USA

        Major : Statistic & Manufacture

B. S. of Control Eng.--- Feng Chia University, Taiwan 

        Major : Control Engineering 


Lecturer : Institute for Information Industry (III)  / now

1. Python

2. Database - SQL server

3. Python Data analysis - numpy, pandas and matpoltlibs 

4. OpenCV

5. Final project adviser 

參考網頁 :


Sr. Project Manager (PM)  : Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., LTD. / 5 yrs.

1. Tablet PM & PL – SONY Xperia Tablet S with N’VIDIA Tegra 3 solution. 

2. Mobile Phone PM&PL – with Qualcomm 8225Q & N’VIDIA T4i solution. 

3. TV Marketing – TCL, Skyworth and Panda 

4. Dell account manager for product plan.

Tech. Project Leader (TPL) & Sr. Project Manager (PM) :Quanta Computer Inc. / 5 yrs

1. HP PDA phone Sr. Project Manager—RW6828 & 6818, Windows CE mobile 5.0, AKU2.0/ Edge/ 2M DSC/ Mini        SD/ WiFi/ Bluetooth/ TFT-LCD 2.7”/ FM radio. Lead R&D team to co-work with HP and factory side and make        project on schedule. 

2. 3.5G HSDPA Data Card Sr. PM—Qualcomm 6280 HSDPA 3.6M/7.2M 3.5G Data Card with USB and Mini PCI           interface. Lead R&D team to co-work with NEC HK, CHT, FET & TCC.

3. In charge of technical integration on 3rd party, EE, BB & ME and monitor whole project from schedule wide        of EDGE Smart Phone Project RG1 with Symbian OS. OMAP 1710/ Symbian 9.1/ UIQ 3.0/ Edge/ 2M DSC AF/          Mini SD/ WLAN/ Bluetooth/ TFT-LCD 2.2” & Swing type

SAS S/W Programmer : Department of Missouri Conservation, MO, US

Successfully finish 6 package programs to monitor fish and fisher statistic by using creel methodology and received acknowledgement letter from top management.—1 year.

Research Assistance (RA) and Teaching Assistance (TA) : Univ. of Missouri Columbia Industrial Engineering Dept. US)—1 year

1. Develop auto-vision inspection mathematic (Algorithm) model system and public in periodical--European             Journal of Operation Research.

2. To complete secondary control system S/W project and simulation.

3. Co-work with advisor to complete McDonnell-Douglas Inc. St. Louis Missouri project, which is dealing with           the simulation and evaluation of aircraft maintenance period.

Computer Abilities

Python,  MySQL, Data Analysis, MLearning, OpenCV,  TensorFlow

HTML5,  JQuery,  Django,  MySQL  

MS-Project,  Windows office

Language Abilities




AI Engineer 600 hrs. – III

PMP candidate/ Certificate Project 74 hrs

Project Management curriculum 32 hrs

EMS ISO14000 auditor course 3 months

World trade practical curriculum 3 months 


I am a cautious and serious person.  Especially, keep my promise and every relax on my life.  I need to consider something in deeply thinking and try to work smart, then make a finally decision.  Once decision has been made, I will do it until final and could not be moved forward anymore. 

 As a Project Manager in mobile phone and tablet ODM industrial for 15 years, I always asked myself and kept project schedule on time with good quality.  I followed up my project with discipline, good communication in between R&D and Customer and same discipline to everyone of project team members.  

In my elementary school, my teacher told me “I had better understanding ability than my memory”.  That was why I studied in Engineering in my university to instead of English or Law school since better understanding.  My major was Control Engineering in my undergraduate school in Taiwan.  After 2 years in military service, I went to US to study in Industrial and Electrical Engineering for 2 Master degrees.  When finishing study, I got 1 year Practical Training in Missouri State Government, US as a SAS Biometrician programmer.  After that, I came back to Taiwan and worked in Mobile phone and Tablet ODM industrial field as Project Manager to lead Research & Development in Company Foxconn, Quanta and Arima with average 4~5 years for each one. 

I would like to change my job from management level to technical level since technical is more valuable in enterprise.  Although I am a senior person, I still have strongly intellectually curious, passionate, and self-motivation to work.  Also, I would like to work in good company to contribute what I learned.

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