Steven Lee

Co-founder of Airloft
Taipei, Taiwan


Data analytics

  • Use the following data analysis tool to gather and analyze user data.
  .Google Analytic
  • Defining and tracking the primary metric and secondary metric.
  • Design and execute the experiment to understand and improve user experience.
  • Generate weekly data reports.

Result and achievement

  • Use Google Analytics to understand users on the macro level, such as their demographic and sources:
  .Demonstration 1, Demonstration 2
  • Use Twak.to to set up an instant chat, and give out online survey to gather their feedback:
  • Use Mixpanel to gather user data inside the website/app:
  • Use Hotjar to track the behavior of users individually from their perspective:
  • Primary metric and secondary metric:
  • Weekly data report:

Product management

  • Research the market to better understand the market trends, ecosystem, and competitors.
  • Understand the business strategies, go to market strategies, define and track the primary metric.
  • Design a customer-centric experience for the product.
  • Understand and utilize necessary technology, product positioning, product roadmap, and manage product development life cycle.
  • Lead the teams and make sure every team can communicate during any of the product developing cycles.

Result and achievement

  • Listing classification standard and multi-upload feature:
  • Search with map feature:
  • Optimize filter feature:
  • Payment process and policy:
  • Properties filming and inspection process:


  • Understand the target audience through online data, sales data, and market research.
  • Design the marketing strategy base on the particular stage in the marketing funnel.
  • Utilize the proper reach out method based on the marketing strategy.
  • Generate the copy-writing material according to the target audience, marketing channel, and marketing strategy.
  • Design and execute a positive feedback loop as a marketing campaign to achieve viral marketing.

Result and achievement

  • Improve the marketing strategy and increase traffic by 66%:
   .Demonstration 1, Demonstration 2, Demonstration 3
  • Use social media marketing to acquire steady traffic with 0 budget:
   .Demonstration 1, Demonstration 2
  • Improve website SEO and increase the ranking on the targeting keywords.
  • Use a referral program to create a viral loop and increase the listing count and customer by 4x.

Sales/Business development

  • Design and execute sales strategies for a two-sided e-commerce marketplace.
  • Reach out to other firms to discover potential collaboration.
  • Reach out to potential customers and provide a solution to their problem.
  • Gather information during the sales process for future research and reference.

Result and achievement

  • Reach out to the seller and register their listing to the platform.
  • Figure out where the customers are, their unsolved problem, and potential solutions.
  • Gather customers' need for future iterations:

Work Experience

Airloft |Co-founder, Product/Growth Manager|July, 2019 - Now

  • In Airloft, we notice that people are wasting too much of their time seeing houses they don't even like. So we verify all our listings along with the house tour video, which helps people to find their dream house in the least amount of time with the least amount of visits.
  • Product management: My responsibility includes having a deep understanding of the market, customers' needs, and the product roadmap. While managing new products' development cycles, and ultimately leading the company to it's desired future.
  • Marketing/sales: Utilize proper reach out method to build brand awareness, customer interest, and convert them to purchase. Which further increases the company's revenue and potential growth.
  • Data analytic: By using the tools to analyze both online and offline data, it gives me the ability to see things in their absolute form. Therefore helps me make a better decision while executing the two above.

Taipei City Fire Department|Military Substitute|2018 - 2019

  • Front desk receptionist: My duties include answering the incoming calls or guests, receiving the mission request from the mission control, and fully understand the current status of every single team member.

  • EMT assistant: Getting on the ambulance with the crews and provide assistant as a helping hand. Which includes carrying the patient, cleaning/disinfecting/patching up the wound, and even perform the CPR.

  • Fire scene assistant: Provide assistants on the fire scene except the actual fire fighting. Overall duties include carrying the equipment, securing water resources, and cleaning up afterward.


Y Combinator Startup School, 2019

Startup School is a training course created by the world's biggest accelerator, which also fostered a lot of well-known startups such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe. The program is to teach people how to build a startup from scratch, and it includes:

  • Evaluating the idea
  • Building the product
  • Analyzing the target audience
  • Launch the product
  • Teamwork
  • Time/resource management
  • Pivoting
  • Attracting investors
  • Building the company culture
  • Leading the team
And ultimately find the product-market fit and lead to the growth of the company.

University of Southern Mississippi, Bachelor degree of Physics and Astronomy, 2017

The course is to understand all the known physical phenomena with mathematics and scientific method as preparation in order to discover all the unknown physical phenomena in the future.

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