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Stuart has 30 years' experience in founding and leading successful data management and analytics startups. In the last eight years, he has created and incubated some of the leading companies in the IIoT market, including Maana (IIoT knowledge platform) , OspreyData (oil and gas analytics) , NarrativeWave (wind farm analytics) , ThinkIQ (food traceability) and SWARM (AI agents for IIoT) . During this time, he saw the market go from its very early gestation to the point where major industrial companies are starting to make significant, long term commitments to digitization. Through this unique experience, Stuart has developed deep knowledge of the market's needs and how to successfully create and sell key technologies to meet those needs.

Founder & CEO
California, US
[email protected]


Nottingham University, 1980-1983

Stuart Frost completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering

Work Experience

STUART FROST Background, Founder & CEO, Jan 2019 ~ Jul 2020

Stuart is creating a new company to create the leading real -
time digital twin platform for large industrial assets and
processes. The company already has a proven minimum
viable product and a strong pipeline of prospects.

SWARM, Co -Founder & Chairman, Oct 2016 ~ Jul 2020

SWARM has built a multi-agent AI system that helps large
enterprises optimize complex processes such as
materials/food blending and supply chains. The company
has raised seed capital and has recently secured its first

SWARM, Founder & CEO, Nov 2010 ~ Jul 2020

Stuart founded FDC and Avventura to incubate his ideas
for industrial and healthcare IoT startups. Over the course
of the last eight years, Stuart has founded 27 companies
and helped raise over 200m across the portfolio. During
this time, he developed strong relationships with key
players in Industry 4.0 such as GE, Shell, Chevron,
Maersk, Rockwell, etc. More recently, Stuart has made
many connections in China and has been helping some of
the portfolio companies raise funds from Chinese investors
and develop strategies for the Chinese market.

SWARM, Founder & Chairman, Aug 2012 ~ Jul 2018

Stuart founded Maana to build a platform that could use AI
to explore massive sets of Big Data and make it much Ø
easier and faster for large industrial companies to create
advanced analytics applications. The company has raised
65m in venture capital and has a number of very large and
successful deployments. The company's potential as a
Technology Pioneer was recognized by the World

DATAllegro, Founder & CEO, Jul 2003 ~ Aug 2008

DATAllegro was a leading player in the data warehouse
appliance market. Stuart founded the company and
designed the massively parallel database architecture that
combined off the'shelf servers and components, an open
source database and DATAllegro's own proprietary
software to process petabytes of data. Stuart raised 65m
in venture capital for the company and led the acquisition
by Microsoft for 275m, which represented 26x revenues
and generated a 36x return for seed investors.

DATAllegro, Co-Founder & CEO, Jan 1999 ~ Sep 2000

InvestorIQ provided investment research on small cap
companies. Funding came from a public offering in the UK
and a corporate investment. With the downturn in the
market's, Stuart decided to focus on his other business
interests and close the company.

SELECT Software Tools, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Nov 1988 ~ Nov 1998

Stuart founded SELECT in 1988. Products included
business process and component-based modelling tools,
together with a range of component management tools.
SELECT was involved with many successful projects that
pioneered the use of components for large-scale
distributed systems. As a result, Stuart has extensive
experience in business process design and automation.
The company established a global presence, had 300 staff
and annual revenues of over 30m in 1998.
Highlights of SELECT :
Venture capital from 3i and Elderstreet

Sentinel Micro Systems, Founder & CEO, Jan 1983 ~ Dec 1988

While at Sentinel, Stuart provided programming and
systems analysis services to a number of clients in the
defence, aviation and communications industries.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Startups
  • Venture Capital
  • Investments

  • Technology
  • Software Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence 

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