Android/Flutter Developer

  Taipei, Taiwan

Android/Flutter Developer with potential.

Start learning programming languages in March 2016.

3 years and 9 months of Android work experience.

1 year and 6 months of Flutter work experience.

Github is my teacher, and I browse it every day to ensure that my technology keeps up with the times.

Open attitude: Can accept other people's ideas without losing the ability to think independently.

Independent personality: Will take the initiative to communicate and interact. If there are different opinions, will try to communicate, adjust themselves to cooperate, and solve the problem together.

Technical Skills

  • Language: Java, Kotlin, Dart
  • Architecture: MVC, MVP, MVVM VIPER MVI
  • Dabbled in: OkHttp, Retrofit, Ion, JetpackPaging, RxJava, KotlinCoroutines, LiveEventBus, Conductor, Scene, Mavericks, Epoxy, Dagger, Hilt, Koin, Kodein-DI, Protobuf, Arrow, Lottie, Gson, Jackson, Moshi, Mockk, Barista, Robolectric, Glide, Coil, BaseRecyclerViewAdapterHelper, MMKV, JetpackDataStore, Realm, Sqldelight, ObjectBox, JetpackRoom, JetpackWorkManager, JetpackCompose etc.

Projects Undertaken(Android)

Projects Undertaken(Flutter)

  • 1. Gaming game (not convenient to display) 
  • 2. Texas Hold'em bookkeeping (not convenient to display) 
  • 3. Direct sales community (not convenient to display)
  • 4. Live auction (not convenient for display)
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