I am an experienced professional in community engagement, business, engineering and effective at building highly-motivated teams, as well as leading cross-functional teams in a fast-paced environment. A combination of technical academic skills with high-level interpersonal skills has led me to become a part of strategic committees of multiple organizations as a volunteer alongside highly experienced professionals.

I am looking to work in purpose oriented environment preferably in climate change, clean energy, water or sustainability sector.

Status: Permanent Resident Location: Sydney 

Email: [email protected]  

Skills and Attributes That I bring to your Organization 

Team Leadership and Management

I have successfully managed teams ranging from 3 people to 40 people over the past six years with. Most recent one being the volunteer coordination of Fair Go for Migrants Campaign. 

Project Management

I am academically trained in project management as a part of engineering management degree and have practically applied the methodologies such as project cost estimation and feasibility in many areas, most recent one being my startup. 


Growth needs initiative, I have proven initiative in terms of being an entrepreneur, helping get an online movement to an on-ground movement and getting involved in organizations via networking for professional and personal improvement.

Multilingual and Multi-skilled 

I have been multilingual all my life with native level fluency in three languages. In terms of professional languages I can speak not-for-profit, business, startup and engineering due to my diverse education and experience.

High Level Official Communications and Community Engagement

My multi-skilled experience has allowed me to engage with stakeholders across the board ranging from business professionals to passionate mums and dads donating to charities as a part of my fundraising and sales career.

Analytical Strategic Thinking

Apart from being academically trained in the area, I currently volunteer as committee member of 3 organizations and have helped develop strategic partnerships and execute both long term and short term measures for the strategy execution. 

Training, Facilitation and Public Speaking 

I am a casual trainer of Microsoft Excel, where I conduct class room training of batches of 10 people at a time. In terms of public speaking, I have addressed crowds of 100 plus people with ease along with presentations in front of board of investors.

Targets, Goals and Deadlines

I bring a target based mindset from my sales experience and believe it is essential for both individuals and organizations to progress. I frequently superseded my individual and team targets by applying methodologies of continuous improvement.


Having two post-graduate degrees has provided me with a skill-set of conducting purpose oriented research to develop concise reports that include referenced qualitative and quantitative analysis on any topic.

Recent Experience

Founder at Water Democracy, Mar 2017 - Present

Water Democracy is a social enterprise that works on simplification of existing water purification solutions to make them affordable and easily maintainable for everyone to have access to clean drinking water. WaterDemocracy's mission is to bring sustainable supply of clean water to 1 million people in the next 10 years.

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Community Manager at EnergyLab, Mar 2017 - Aug 2017

As a community manager at Sydney's clean-tech hub, and as one of the first employees, I helped the company reach its full potential by 

  • Setting up the co-working space,
  • Developing operating procedures and documents for short and long term future activities. 
  • Engaging with the startup founders to help them resolve any issues that they might be facing with their business under my capacity.
  • Coordinating and executing business events including networking events, hackathons, workshops and seminars.
  • Managing daily administration activities.

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Strategic Committee Member at ARRCC, May 2017 - Present

My volunteer role as a strategic committee member at Australian Religious Response for Climate Change involves developing strategies to engage people of faith in the climate change. I have contributed by 

  • Helping develop a Long-term strategic plan, take decisions on fundraising platforms, member engagement 
  • Spearheading cross-functional initiative to achieve partnerships with external organizations such as Sydney Alliance and ANIC to expand organizations reach in the desired communities.
  • Providing input on routine activities and their improvement.

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National Coordination Committee Member at Fair go For Migrants, May 2017 - Present

As a volunteer and one of the founding members, I have played a key role in establishment of Fair Go for Migrants which was made to represent non-citizen migrants as they lack a right to vote and are not represented due to multiple reasons. To achieve these goals I have

  • Successfully organized and led two demonstrations for migrant issues, each attended by 200 plus people.
  • Represented the organization in front of senate committee to present the impact of new legislative reforms on migrants' lives along with my colleagues.
  • Helped develop a leadership team forming a national coordination committee comprised passionate team members.
  • Leveraged the online presence of the issue to create an on-ground movement within 3 weeks.

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Reserve Team Lead Fundraiser at UNICEF Australia, May 2016 - Oct 2016

I had the honor of being part of one of the largest relief organizations in the world and quickly progressed to the role of a reserve team leader in face to face fundraising. I was able to successfully accomplish this by 

  • Achieving and super-ceding my targets at a regular basis.
  • Establishing a friendly and morale boosting team environment based on helping team members and keeping a healthy competition at the same time.
  • Leading the charge in training , mentoring any new members in the team on-field for them to achieve the best of their potential from the beginning.  

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Sales and Lead Generation Team Leader at EnergyCompare, Jun 2015 - Jan 2016

My role at EnergyCompare was as a door to door Sales and Lead Generation team leader for energy and education, which is one of the most competitive industries in Australia. It was my first door to door sales role and I was able to progress and form a great team by

  • Paying close attention and asking questions while being trained.
  • Seeking constant feedback on my performance from the manager for continuous and rapid improvement.
  • Hiring passionate individuals and training them right based on motivational methodologies for each individual.
  • Applying lessons learnt from years of working in teams in other capacities. 
  • Regularly achieving my targets.

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Research Intern Acresta Solutions, Jul 2016 - Sep 2016

As a research intern at Acresta Solutions I dealt with business aspect of their state of the art energy management solution and developed a market landscape report of clean energy sector to achieve business growth. This included

  • Australia's energy monitoring technologies landscape in residential and commercial sector.
  • Competitor analysis for the relevant sector and relevant prospective synergies.
  • Company's core competency analysis.
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Master of Energy Studies (Low Carbon Solutions), The University of Queensland           

Feb 2014 - Jun 2015

A co-badged program by The University of Queensland, University of Western Australia and University of NewCastle delivered under the banner of International Energy Centre (IEC). It provided a holistic study of business and technical aspects of Low Carbon solutions for Energy under the challenges faced due to climate change by providing tools and understanding needed to combat such a large scale issue. 

THESIS: Barriers to energy efficiency in Australian industry. 

A cross examination of why energy efficiency solutions were not being applied in Australia's industrial sector leading to a quantitative analysis that included feedback from academic literature, industrial reports and direct input from industry professionals from key energy intensive industries.

Master of Engineering Management, University of Technology Sydney                            

Feb 2013 - Jan 2014

A course designed to introduce engineers to key management practices by incorporating systems engineering, quality management, accounting principles, project management, human resource management, technology innovation management , judgment and decision making and risk management.

Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering , GIKI Pakistan, Aug 2008 - Aug 2012

A mechanical engineering degree designed to provide technical problem solving tools to the top students from all over the country. 

MOOC, Sustainable Cities, Lund University, Aug 2016- Oct 2016

This course explored sustainable cities as engines for greening the economy. This is done by placing cities in the context of sustainable urban transformation and climate change. Sustainable urban transformation refers to structural transformation processes – multi-dimensional and radical change – that can effectively direct urban development towards ambitious sustainability and climate goals.

Recent Honors

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YSP 2017

Winner of Sustainability stream amongst top10 young sustainability entrepreneurs from all over Australia.

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Catalysr Cohort 2017

A successful graduate of Catalysr's 2017 cohort, that equips selected migrant entrepreneurs with tools such as systems design, digital marketing and others over a period of four months.

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Projects 00 02@2x fe789c7495428f4bddd216a44a8d0d12ce13fbeed0f26e9c9f2fa6c5fb4b5cc2

Featured in "The Australian"

"He’s young, educated, vibrant and is the face of the future",  wrote The Australian, in a piece covering the Millennials and how they are solving issues of the 21st century.

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G20 summit 2015

I had the honor of representing International Energy Centre at the G20 Summit 2015 Global Cafe after winning a competition for new age energy problems and solutions. 

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Delegate at NYER 2017

Selected as a policy delegate at National Youth Entrepreneurship Roundtable to develop policy recommendations on issues of clean energy and migration amongst other issues.

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 Member Voices for Power

I have recently been selected as a a core team member and climate change representative for the "Voices for Power" project to engage muslim communities in Sydney in sustainability and climate change.

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