Cathy Hsu

Co-Founder of Ghost Island Media podcast network

I have worked as an event organizer at a public relations firm, a financial reporter at a newspaper, a production manager at an ad agency and an animation studio, and a business developer in cultural & creative Industry. My previous clientele include global top 500 companies such as Samsung, L'OREAL, Microsoft, 7-11, Citibank, Uniqlo, serving in lead roles for various projects.

  Taipei, Taiwan   

Work Experience

Co-founder, Producer & BD (Podcast)  •  Ghost Island Media

2019 - Present  •  Taipei City, Taiwan

Business Development Manager  •  udnFunLife Co., LTD

2019 - Present  •  Taipei City, Taiwan

Business development and project management for IP licensing and cross-company coordination.

Associate Producer/ Coordinator (IP Development)  •  Next Animation Studio

Mar 2017 - Mar 2018  •  Taipei, Taiwan


  • Manage creative designer team
  • Oversee individual project production across multiple media platforms
  • Produce IP development projects
  • Manage clients and freelancers
  • Establish and develop production pipelines
  • Liaison between clients and staff (scriptwriters, artists, animators)
  • Strategic development, quality control and creative problem-solving
  • Assist in the writing of character descriptions and story synopses for pitches and IP development
  • On-site video shooting and recording


  • Project lead of nxTOONS (Edutainment kids animations): Planning, organizing, casting and executing

Associate Director, Production (News) Communication  •  Next Animation Studio

Jul 2016 - Feb 2017  •  Taipei, Taiwan


  • Internal & External project management
  • Liaison / coordinator for TAIPEI-BALI news-production, establishing pipeline, training, animation review for BALI production
  • Organize the set-up of motion capture studio in Bali
  • Marketing strategies, social media planning
  • Marketing materials: planning and execution (2D, 3D, show-reels, promotional videos, creatives, music videos, social media, info-motions, training videos)
  • Real-time interactive technology implementation on special projects
  • Media press release, internal news-letters

Reuters Product Manager/ Senior Production Manager  •  Next Animation Studio

Feb 2012 - Jul 2016  •  Taipei, Taiwan


  • Managing a team of ten staff members
  • Animation script-writing
  • News animation production quality control and proof
  • Clients projects: planning and execution
  • Collaboration with Reuters & Discovery Education
  • Analytics and reports on video traffic and performance
  • VR & 360 animation production: script-writing and production management (titles: Boxing Injuries, Elon Musk's Hyperloop, Ride with Trump, Dinosaurs)
  • Educational animation for kids: researching, script-writing and production management

Financial Journalist and Sales  •  中國時報

Jul 2009 - Jan 2012  •  Taipei City, Taiwan


  • Covering the financial sector, including interviews, feature stories, newspaper advertising placements, advertisement sales


  • Transnational banks, asset-management corporations, Taiwan Stock Exchange

Public Relations Manager  •  Protrend Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Dec 2007 - Apr 2009  •  Taipei City, Taiwan


  • Public relations, PR events, marketing, social media, membership, financial seminar, press conference, press release, media relations


  • Organized a successful online mutual-fund trading simulation campaign
  • Hosted financial forum (200+ attendees)

Public Relations Specialist  •  PILOT GROUP

Mar 2007 - Dec 2007  •  Taipei City, Taiwan


  • Press release, media relations, press conferences, marketing event, product-launch campaign, news clipping and filing


  • Samsung (3D products, electronic appliances), L'OREAL, Microsoft

Project Executive  •  UpStreamAsia

Mar 2006 - Mar 2007  •  Taipei City, Taiwan

Press Release, Media relations, PR & Marketing events, Seminars, Project planning
Client: Semiconductor-related industries, Cartoon Network


Indiana State University

Master's Degree, Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication

2004 - 2005

Chinese Culture University

Bachelor's Degree, Tourism and Travel Services Marketing Operations

1999 - 2002

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本平台多語的 PODCAST 優質聲音節目,有鬼島之音創意團隊打造的「鬼島原創」,也有我們精挑細選的「鬼島選品」。這裏的節目獨特、有創意、又有國際視野。我們希望,來到鬼島之音的聽眾可以從這些節目中,帶走一些「鬼」東西,不論是知識、娛樂、熱情、價值,或是觀點。

2019年4月開播以來,鬼島之音的節目已榮獲 2021 KKBOX PODCAST 風雲榜「最佳主持人獎」、入圍 2020 卓越新聞獎 「PODCAST 新聞節目獎」、且連續兩年擔任「美國科學促進會年度峰會」的媒體合作夥伴;今年五月,鬼島之音發佈了台灣第一檔紀錄片式 PODCAST《 一年的告白》。鬼島之音的所有的節目都可以在全球及台灣各大 PODCAST 平台免費收聽。

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