Emily Y. Wu

Co-Founder of Ghost Island Media podcast network

  Taipei, Taiwan

Content Creator and Occasional Host. I founded Ghost Island Media podcast network in 2019 to showcase unique, quality, and breakout voices that push conversations and effect change. Our eight shows are currently in English, Mandarin, or Taiwanese.

My work prior to Ghost Island Media included product development of online news sites, team growth and operations management, content development in news explainers and satires, and international co-productions in documentaries, corporate videos, and film festivals.


Work Experience

Co-Founder, CEO (鬼島之音)  •  Ghost Island Media

Jan 2019 - Present  •  Taipei City, Taiwan

Winner | Best Show Host, KKBOX Podcast Awards, 2021
Finalist | Excellent Journalism Award, 2020
Recognized | World circular economy solution by Finnish Innovation Fund, 2020

I create and produce podcasts in English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese for the global audience. We currently have 8 original shows. Download/stream for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music + Audible, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, YouTube, and more.


  • WASTE NOT WHY NOT (climate) | A climate podcast on how NOT to save the environment. Named a circular economy solution by SITRA 2020 (Finland). A media partner at AAAS Annual Conference 2021 + 2021 (American Association for the Advancement of Science).
  • THE TAIWAN TAKE (current affairs) | A current affairs interview podcast on Taiwan. Finalist at Excellent Journalism Award (2020).
  • METALHEAD POLITICS (music, politics) | A show on music, politics, and Taiwan. I co-host this with Freddy Lim - member of parliament in Taiwan & vocalist of metal band Chthonic.


  • IN TRAINING 小鬼登島 (mixed genre) | Part 1 of our mentorship and talent program.


  • IN THE WEEDS 大麻煩不煩 (cannabis) | A law podcast on cannabis. Winner of Best Show Host at the inaugural KKBOX Podcast Awards in Taiwan, 2021.
  • DOS SALIDAS 一年的告白 (documentary) | Taiwan's first audio documentary podcast. A daughter documents her final year with her mother who is living with terminal cancer.
  • ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE AMBASSADOR 別叫我大使夫人 (comedy, culture) | Hilarious stories of diplomacy and soft power from the spouse of a former Ambassador of Taiwan.
  • Z PARTY Z色派對 (society) | Two up-and-coming female political advocates challenge the traditional and conformist gender norms.

Creative Director (俏酷影視)  •  Charcoal Productions Ltd

2015 - 2018  •  Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai

Nominated | Golden Comics Award, 2018 (Translator)
Nominated | Busan International Film Festival, 2018 (Translator)
Award of Excellence | IndieFEST, 2016 (Script Supervisor)
Center-Piece Exhibition | Eco Expo Asia, 2015+ 2016 (Producer, Writer, Animation Director)

Guest Curator •  Urban Nomad Film Fest

2014  •  Taipei City, Taiwan

Senior Production Manager (壹傳媒動畫)  •  Next Animation Studio

2015 - 2018  • Taipei, Taiwan

Official Honoree | Webby Awards, 2012
Nominated | Webby Awards, 2013

Next Media Animation - aka "the Taiwanese Animators"

We made satirical editorial cartoons for YouTube and news wire services for Reuters clients. If I met you on the road when I presented at Digital Media Asia in Hong Kong (2011) or when I attended NewsXchange in Barcelona (2012), drop a note to say hi!

Some interesting client projects during this time -

  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: "The Royal Wedding" & other segments | May 3, 2011
  • Spike TV (MTV): "Charlie Sheen's Winningest Moments" | March 9, 2011 (1/2-hr special)
  • Jon Ronson + Penguin Publishing: "The Psychopath Test" | 2011
  • CBS: "The Good Wife" (segment) | 2010 (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • MLB.com: "Intentional Talk" | 2011 (5 segments)

Taiwan International Children's Film Festival (台灣國際兒童影展)  •  Public Television Service Foundation

2009 - 2010  • Taipei, Taiwan

Production Coordinator, Documentaries(公共電視國際部)  •  Public Television Service Foundation

2007 - 2009  • Taipei, Taiwan

Winner | Tokyo Environmental Film Festival, 2009
Winner | EarthVision Int’l Environmental Film Festival, 2008

Volunteer •  Urban Nomad Film Fest

2007 -  2010  •  Taipei City, Taiwan

Production Intern (Arts Engine)  •  Big Mouth Productions

Aug 2006  -  Oct 2006  •  New York, New York, United States

Editorial Assistant (破報)  •  POTS English - a free weekly

Jun 2004  -  Aug 2004  •  Taipei, Taiwan


Wellesley College

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Studio Arts

2002 - 2006

Rhode Island School of Design

Summers studies in Rhode Island + Rome, Italy

Northfield Mount Hermon School

Cum Laude Society

1998 - 2002

鬼島之音 Ghost Island Media


「鬼島之音 PODCAST NETWORK 網絡平台」專注於打造鬼島價值,讓改變世界的能量擴散到全球。

本平台多語的 PODCAST 優質聲音節目,有鬼島之音創意團隊打造的「鬼島原創」,也有我們精挑細選的「鬼島選品」。這裏的節目獨特、有創意、又有國際視野。我們希望,來到鬼島之音的聽眾可以從這些節目中,帶走一些「鬼」東西,不論是知識、娛樂、熱情、價值,或是觀點。

2019年4月開播以來,鬼島之音的節目已榮獲 2021 KKBOX PODCAST 風雲榜「最佳主持人獎」、入圍 2020 卓越新聞獎 「PODCAST 新聞節目獎」、且連續兩年擔任「美國科學促進會年度峰會」的媒體合作夥伴;今年五月,鬼島之音發佈了台灣第一檔紀錄片式 PODCAST《 一年的告白》。鬼島之音的所有的節目都可以在全球及台灣各大 PODCAST 平台免費收聽。

Our Shows

一年的告白 Dos Salidas



一對母女最真實又赤裸的告白,從對話中找回曾經疏離的關係,在告別之前,嘗試和解,用一句句的對話,讓彼此的距離更靠近。耗時一年錄製,全台首部紀錄片式 Podcast,獻給每一個在關係中既迷惘又渴望的你。