Kai - Min Tsao

6+ years of global startup experience. Well familiar with marketing, user and business growth strategy and management of the Internet industry. Became Taiwan Country Manager of JANDI (2016~2019) and achieved more than 10 times growth of daily active users and revenue.

Founded Swipe (online dance classes using an innovative human-machine interface) with three core members from HRC Dance Studio (Asia leading dance studio). Aim to close Angel Round founding before October, 2021.

  Taipei, Taiwan


Areas of Expertise

  Content and Inbound Marketing      User Behavior Analysis       Growth Product Marketing     Go-To-Market       B2B SaaS (freemium)

Title of the video

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Work Experiences

Co - Founder and COO    

Swipe - Online Dance Classes  •  Jun 2020 - Present

Online dance courses with the best dancer in the world! Swipe is the best dance learning experience, which makes dancers gorgeous, confident and happy. Founded the world's leading online dance and body learning platform. Planned product strategy, operation, and marketing (customer acquisition and retention strategy).

MAYO Collage

MAYO Human Capital  •  Sep 2020 - Mar 2020

Build the HR eco-system and improve human capital in every company.                                           

Customer Success Manager

MAYO Human Capital  •  Dec 2019 - Mar 2021

  • Managed key accounts and projects and led a customer service team to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Planned value-added service to reach customer success and build employer branding.
  • Conducted customer interviews to optimize product and service quality.
  • Wrote more than 10 user case studies and operated SEO (50+ number one and keyword ranking; 100+ page one keyword ranking)

Product Manager

17 LIVE  •  Jun 2019 - Dec 2019

Coordinate product teams and other operation departments, aim to 10% retention rate growth.

  • Conducted and analyzed 50+ user and streamer interviews to optimize user experience.
  • Planned Streamer Loyalty Program to have higher ratio of streaming. Improved the quality and quantity of content on the platform.
  •  Expanded diversity of 17 media by refactoring apps, labeling and recommendation system.
  • Focused on user retention, activation and related data to plan Q3 product roadmap.

Taiwan Country Manager

Toss Lab , Inc.  •  Apr 2018 - Jan 2020

The growth of daily active users and revenue are both more than 10 times.

  • Management and Operation 
    1. Established an 8-person Taiwan team and collaborated with 30 members from Korea and Japan offices.
    2. Designed company's work systematic process to improve efficient productivity in agile management.
  • Marketing Growth
    1. Created content marketing and SEO plans, occupied targeted keywords with 0 marketing budget.
    2. Optimized conversion results of content marketing and SEO to generate potential leads.
    3. Planned online/offline events. Owned a 2000-fan Facebook group and had curation and seminar experience.
    4. Accurately advertised Facebook by average 10% CTR with 1,000 NTD per week.
    5. Enhanced brand awareness and transformed JANDI to become an industry-leading brand.
  • User Growth
    1. Re-targeted market position successfully by user database analysis to plan differentiation strategy.
    2. Managed and realized the behavior of new users, active users, and paid users.
    3. Optimized usage processes to activate users with in-app messages and email.
    4. Integrated marketing thinking and user success increased usage satisfaction (40+% NPS) and improved the willingness to upgrade to paid users.
  • Business Development
    1. 30+% paid conversion rate and 109% paid retention rate from continuously optimizing growth strategies.
    2. Created Referral Program to target decision makers by word-of-mouth from opinion leaders.
    3. Familiar with company training and promotion. Profound presentation briefing and communication skills after more than 300 visits.

Marketing Supervisor

Toss Lab , Inc.  •  Oct 2015 - Dec 2016

Conduct digital marketing and community operations, including Facebook, Google and SEO

  1. Familiar with Facebook and Google advertising strategy. Had cooperation experiences with advertising agencies, integrated marketing companies and the media.
  2. Executed a content marketing plan with more than 300 articles and SEO.  


Swipe to be Cool! Your better dancing partner


Swipe: 最懂你的舞蹈教室




Swipe 獨家 ⭐️ 疊影功能



日本師資 🇯🇵 即將登場!

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