Liyu Liu

• Cell: 0917198602 • [email protected] 


I am an engineer looking for a challenging and creative role, which help me to grow with organization and will engage me to enhance my skills and learn new technologies. 

I love to write some scripts to automate my routine tasks or make instrumentation system better, which save my time to improve more valuable business.

Dedicated to implementing new strategies and improving communications between departments.


Appier, Senior backend engineer, May 2018 ~ Jun. 2022

Re-designed and implemented ETL server to increase 400% performance, using Postgresql server, python and tableau.
Designed and build up GraphQL service, using postgraphile.
Designed and implemented CI/CD flow for python application using unicorn and Jenkins.
Implemented CDC with kafka connector sink.
Re-designed and improve our sales workflow, and save their time.

KKStream (KKBOX Group), Senior Engineer, Apr. 2016 ~ May 2018

Developed video/audio service solution using Golang and GRPC
Designed and implemented application for network cache and authentication using Nginx and Lua.
Developed video/audio service solution using Elixir.
Designed and implemented AWS Cloudformation, AWS OpsWorks for CI/CD work flow, auto scale.
Implement new features using PHP.
Wrote PHP Unit test, for upgrating from PHP5 to PHP7.
Fork AWS ElasticCache auto discovery project for PHP 7.1.(official only support PHP 7.0).
Made a presentation about AWS Serverless, AWS ECS, AWS Deploy flow for internal sharing.

Cybergo, Senior engineer, Aug. 2015 ~ Mar. 2016

Designed and developed application using Golang and Websocket.
Building project prototype on native app, web, mobile web.
Designed and developed CMS application using .NET.

17Life, Senior Full Stack Engineer, Jan. 2015 ~ Aug. 2015

Team lead of public API team
Designed and developed custom card system.
Designed and Developed Web crawler using Golang.

17Life, Engineer, Dec. 2013 ~ Dec. 2014

Maintained and developed Web revamp, include RWD, performance tuning(reducing 30% js file size, speed up loading speed)
Designed and Developed Google Analytics Helping System, include pulling data from web, create report, send mail.

Synnex, Engineer, Sep. 2012 ~ Sep. 2013

Developed official repair-service using ASP.
Developed hunman power service, internal workflow system using ASP.
Developed reporting serivce using T-SQL.


Program language

Python, Javascript, C#, Go, Shell script, Elixir, Clojure, Typescript


Postgresql, MSSQL, mysql, Sqlite, Mongo, DynamoDB, MemoryCache, Redis


AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, Terraform, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, Gitlab, AWS, GCP


MS & BS in Mathematics, Chung Yuan Christian University (2006~2012)

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