Tamara Cooksey

Tamara Cooksey has been working in early-stage venture-backed startups for over eight years, with a focus on helping to grow, develop and retain talent.

People Operations and Human Resources
San Francisco, US
[email protected]

About Tamara Cooksey

Tamara Cooksey prides herself on having become a results-driven Human Resources leader who possesses strong leadership and relationship-building skills. Big on creative-problem solving, she utilizes these skills to acquire talent, develop company culture and employee engagement, and above all, help others succeed. Tamara Cooksey loves being able to help staff grow their experience while creating lasting careers within the same companies. She currently acts as Vice President of People Operations at Rescale.  

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People Operations 

Performance Management 

Organizational Development 

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Tamara on Vunela

As a human resources expert for Vunela, Tamara Cooksey shares her blogs on human resources, talent acquisition, recruitment and general work wellness with the Vunela community. 


Tamara Cooksey uses her Lifestyle blog to discuss travel, health and wellness tips and trends based on her own personal experiences. She loves being able to connect with people who are passionate about the same hobbies she is. 

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Travel Blog  

In her spare time, Tamara Cooksey enjoys to travel and lead an active life. She shares her experiences and pastimes in her blogs below.

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The 3 Best International Airports To Have A Layover At 

Tamara Cooksey talks about the three international airports that are going to be ideal for a layover. Not only are they going to get you to your destination, but they are also going to entertain you.

Best Pizza On The West Coast 

Tamara Cooksey knows that the west coast has some of the best food around. From Oregon down to California, if you are looking for a food experience look no further. These are the best pizza locations to visit. 


As an HR professional, Tamara Cooksey enjoys discussing industry trends and helping employees better succeed in the corporate landscape. On her blog she offers insights based on her extensive background in recruitment and people operations.

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Human Resources Blog 

Using her extensive knowledge, Tamara Cooksey shares best practices and insights on how to be successful in her blogs below.

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How Small Companies Can Compete For Big Talent

HR and recruiting professional, Tamara Cooksey discusses strategies small companies can implement into their hiring practices in order to attract top tier talent. 

Tips For Hiring With Diversity In Mind From Tamara Cooksey

Having worked in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources for years now, Tamara Cooksey has gained invaluable insight on hiring best practices. In her latest video she shares tip on how to hire with diversity in mind in order to improve company culture and reap the proven benefits of having a diverse office environment.

Tamara Cooksey Recommends These Books To Read...

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How To Win Friends & Influence People

By Dale Carneigie 

Looking to get others to like you? Want to negotiate better? This timeless book can help you with both. How To Win Friends & Influence People is your key to successfully influence others and achieve career success. 

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The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People 

By Stephen R. Convey 
Want to know what habits will help you become successful? If your answer is yes, this is the book for you. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People is an inspirational, classic piece that helped transform the lives of its readers. For the last 25 years, it shaped CEOs, parents and millions more. 
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