Terry Huang

Senior Software Engineer (iOS/Android), 

Product Manager

Experienced Software Engineer on iOS/macOS/Android, focus on innovation and multimedia. Skilled in Interactive Design, AI Services, SQL, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. 

• Rewarded 21+ times by Apple Featured in Apps & Today

• Participate in the development of 13+ iOS, 14+ Android Apps

• Total Installation: 7M+ (multi-platform)

• Daily Active User: ~200K (multi-platform)

• Monthly Active User: ~250K (multi-platform)

• Full-stack experience with DB/Cloud/Backend

• Authored backend system design handbooks

• Github Arctic Code Vault Contributor


Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer (iOS/Android), PM

GameToGo Inc.

六月 2018 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

• Responsible for developing tool software (Swift/macOS) for customers.

• Cooperate with #1 Apple accessories provider (Studio A), launch co-brand products.

• Successfully profile main user groups, and design marketing strategies to improve the selling amount during the marketing campaign.

• Wildly recommended by Bloggers, YouTubers, and Twitch Streamers.

Senior Software Engineer (iOS/Android)

DaiDai Friends Education

五月 2018 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

• Create a cross-platform (iOS, Android) framework solving multiple screen size issues over phones and pads, greatly reduces the designer's post-production workload.

• Implement the staging resource downloading design to reduce the initial size <100MB, highly improve the download transaction rate on the mobile network phones.

• Develop a cross-platform store and advertising system, new Apps can be attached to iOS/Android In-App Purchase, Google AdSense in minutes.

• Whole series Apps have won 21+ times featured and dedicated interview with Apple Editors.

Backend Engineer (Node.js), Game Developer (iOS/Android/Cocos2d-x)

LiRise Games

十一月 2014 - 三月 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

• Lead development team, design addictive game cores combining language learning with fun and scientific theories.

• Design and build backend platform for real-time gaming on "School Rumble", such as achievement, leaderboard, pairing, turn-based & real-time multiplayer...systems.

• Responsible for developing corresponding SDKs in iOS/Android.

• Share the design of the real-time backend and publish free technical handbooks.

• Participated in indie game exhibitions in Tokyo, Taipei, Korea, and ChinaJoy.

Project Manager, Software Engineer

LiRise Technology

八月 2010 - 九月 2014
Taipei, Taiwan

• Responsible for developing App (Android) for customers.

• Design services of the "Saycretary" product, create the innovative real-human secretary telephone services for everyone.

• Fully participate in the agile development of 6 Apps (Android/iOS).

• "Slide2Memory" won #1 on Apple App Store in the education category.

• Startup accelerator: AppWorks #4

Projects and Rewards


Senior Software Engineer / PM

  • Responsible for product design of GameToGo series products.
  • macOS App Development

DaiDaiTaiwanese (App)

Senior iOS/Android Engineer

  • App Store Featured in Today(2)

DaiDaiBook - Gender (App)

Senior iOS/Android Engineer

  • Apple Featured in Apps(3)
  • Apple Featured in Today(2)

DaiDaiBook - Family (App)

Senior iOS/Android Engineer

  • Apple Featured in Apps
  • Apple Featured in Today(5)

DaiDaiBook - Taiwanese (App)

Senior iOS/Android Engineer

  • Apple Featured in Today(3)

DaiDaiBook (App)

Senior iOS/Android Engineer

  • Apple Featured in Apps(2)
  • Apple Featured in Today(5)

Shot Wordbie (iOS/Android)

Game Designer / PM

  • Responsible for designing and develop the core game mechanism

DaiDaiCard (iOS/Android)

Software Engineer / PM

  • Responsible for designing the core interactive mechanism, combining language learning with fun and scientific design. 

School Rumble(iOS/Android)

Game Developer, Back End Developer

  • Responsible for design and developing back-end services for real-time gaming

Saycretary (App)

PM / Software Engineer

  • Responsible for operation and development of the "Saycretary" product

Slide2Memory (iOS, Android)

Software Engineer

  • Help user develop the habit of daily learning and achieve the “21-day effect” in psychology
  • Apple Store Rank #1 in Education

ArtSome (iOS, Android)

Software Engineer

  • Show the master's paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, architecture, photography works in your photos


Mobile App Development

   Swift      iOS      macOS      Java      Android   

Cloud / DB / Backend

   AWS      GCP      MongoDB      Firebase      PostgreSQL   


2007 - 2009

National Cheng Kung University

Master's degree

Computer Science and Information Engineering

2003 - 2007

National Cheng Kung University

Bachelor's degree

Computer Science and Information Engineering

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