Thomas Disselkamp 

Active Citizen with Many Pursuits, Community Ties 

A product development specialist in the 3M Company's Infection Prevention Division, Thomas Disselkamp has taken the lead on many important corporate projects. Across a nearly 30-year career, Tom Disselkamp has earned expertise in several areas, such as infrared and ultraviolet optics, signal processing, medical diagnostic equipment, and polarimetry. However, outside of work, Thomas Allen Disselkamp pursues many activities and hobbies and devotes himself to several charities. 

Outdoors and around the home, Disselkamp enjoys vegetable gardening, repair projects, and landscaping. Cutting and carrying firewood is a seasonal favorite. He also enjoys finding and polishing agate stones. Additionally, cooking and grilling hold special interest for Tom Disselkamp. He is constantly looking for ways to improve his culinary skills, which include preparing bread, vegetables, and devising his own recipes for rubs and sauces. 

For entertainment, Thomas Allen Disselkamp takes pleasure in watching science fiction and comedy movies. Events such as Riverdance and Stomp have captured his fancy, as have vintage rock and classical music. Taking advantage of the sports offerings in his area, he enjoys scuba diving, tennis, golf, and running. Socially conscious, Disselkamp volunteers as a dog walker for the Animal Humane Society and supports children via the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. He also handles supplies for Feed My Starving Children. 

Recently Tom Disselkamp started a small business with his wife, Julie, providing interior decorating services for private residences.  His duties include timely and accurate completion of all payroll, income and other corporate taxes, measurements for product ordering and installations.

St. Paul, MN, US

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Nov 1, 1981 - Present

Product Development Specialist 
3M Company


Electrical Engineering

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

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