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Aaron Yang     楊宗泰

I believe Data Science can change the world which triggered me to Data Science field. With great passion and interest , I fall into this field deeply. Hope someday I CAN make big influence on the world.

    [email protected]




National Chengchi University

    Master ' s Degree, Master in Economics 

    Taipei , Taiwan || 2019 - 2021


National Chiayi University

    Bachelor ' s Degree, Applied Economics 

    Chiayi , Taiwan


National Hsinchu Senior High School



Programming language / Computer Science

  • Master Python
  • Familiar with Java
  • Familiar with Solidity
  • Familiar with Data Structures / Algorithms
  • Familiar with Web Scraping

Machine Learning

  • House Price Prediction
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Computer Vision
  • PyTorch / Keras


  • Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics


2020 Open Data Contest Held by Taiwan Government

    Make use of open data from the government to make people more convenient when choosing power saving furniture.

The 1st CareerHack(Microsoft & TSMC) - Anomaly Detection 1st Prize

    Build an anomaly detection model to predict which and when.

The 1st Deep Learning and Computer Vision Marathon

    Learn image process , object detection , CNN models to build an project. 

The 4th Hua-Nan FinTech Competition 

    Build a customer analysis model to cluster similar customers.

The 3rd Machine Learning 100 days Marathon

    Learn and practice data pre-process , data engineering , model building , training and adjustments in 100 days 

The 4th CMoney Engineer Training Camp

    Get training opportunity by interview and written test. Get two projects down during the whole training.
  • Desktop Game(C#)
  • Price comparison Websites(Python for Web Scraping + C# for Web Development)