Wen-Ting, Wang

AI and Android Engineer 

  Taipei City, Taiwan
[email protected] 

During the period from university to master's degree, thanks to the teacher's teaching and help, I participated in five cooperative projects with different professors, doctors, and multiple laboratories. Under the guidance of the teacher, I completed the projects by myself. After graduation, I worked in the artificial intelligence vision application department of PEGATRON, researching and developing applications related to machine vision and APP.  I also participated in the development of the autonomous driving (ROS system), and the main parts involved are route planning (Navigation, Planner) and basic control (Base Control, UART, CANBus).

My teacher once taught me a sentence which impressed me deeply: hardware will always have its own service life, and it will gradually deteriorate due to wear and tear. It will always need to be replaced in three - five years, but good software can follow a person's half life. Expect yourself to build a change that will accompany someone for the rest of their life.

Job Experience 

May 2020 - Now

Artificial Intelligence Vision Application Senior Engineer,  PEGATRON

The content of the work is mainly based on AI on Edge Devices & Android APP. In the past, I have experienced the following projects:

1.  Body Signal Monitoring APP (Android Java, JNI)

2. Indoor 360-degree Smart Conference Camera (C/C++, Edge Drive)

3. Autonomous Mobile Robot Development (ROS system)

4. Road Object Detection (Python, Pytorch, Yolo)

Master's Project

Drug resistance gene testing of Bactrocera dorsalis

National Science Council Research Scholarship, TW

High-quantitative RNA analysis of the Bactrocera dorsalis drug resistance gene by high-throughput NGS technology 

Analysis of protein sequence, structure and DNA binding motifs by incorporating ChIP-Seq and protein structure data 


Using ChIP-Seq data and protein structure to analyze the relationship between different transcription families


National Taiwan University

Department of Biomechatronics Engineering, Master's degree

Sep 2017 - Jun 2019

National Taiwan University

Department of Biomechatronics Engineering, Bachelor's degree

Sep 2013 - Jun 2017

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