Hongbao Steven Ye (葉泓葆)

Electrical engineering graduate with software engineering skills. I have experiments in waterfall and agile software processes. Currently seeking a position as a back-end engineer. Gained system analysis/design, and project management experience at software projects.

Software engineer (7 years' experience)

Chinese (Native) | English (Fluent) | Japanese (Intermediate)
[email protected] 

New Taipei City, TW


National Cheng Kung University, MS, Software Engineering & Database, 2015 ~ 2019

  • M.S. in Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, R. O. C.(2015.07~2019.07)
  • Graduated from Database and Software Engineering Laboratory (DBSE). Prof. Hewijin Christine Jiau.
  • Thesis: Exploiting the Third-party SDK Sensitive Data Leakage
  • Technical paper
  • Research Area:
    Software Engineering & Database, Data Security, Collaboration in Software Engineering, Continuous Enhancement 

National Cheng Kung University, BS, Electrical engineering, 2011 ~ 2015

  • Major in electrical engineering.
  • Learn programming skills in Introduction to computer science, data structure, algorithm, and website design classes.
  • Joined TW Telemetry (a start-up) when I was a junior student. 
  • Capstone Program (頂石計畫): 漸進式的樂器學習App及其遊戲導向社群交流平台

Project & Skill


  • DBSE Assistant (Java/Node.js)
  • AI Game - Bulls and Cows (Java)
  • ATLAS (C#, .net, web API)
  • Big2 (Pygame)
  • FB page bot (Flask)
  • FB chat bot (Flask/Node.js)


  • ELO Platform statistical data visualization (Chart.js)
  • StarSky (Processing.js)
  • Web page games (HTML5/CSS/bootstrap, js/jQuery)


  • DBSE Community Network (Django)
  • Hack day funding website
  • Tw elementary


  • MySQL
  • SQLite 
  • MongoDB


  • Prescription Generator (Java) 
  • DBSE CMA commit assistant (Swing) 
  • OCR Code Identifier (Tess4J) 
  • Profile photo generator (GAN/Tenserflow) 

Mobile App

  • TrafficHistory
    (Android Q App with Android Studio) 
  •  DBSE Assistant App
    (Cross-Platform with Phonegap)

Version Control

  • Git/Github 
  • SVN/Trac


  • CI/CD with GitLab


  • Restful API for website/web services


eCloudValley, Jan 2021 ~ Now

  • Develop & maintain Cloud Management Platforms for customers around the world with AWS services.
  • Re-architect legacy platforms to microservices web APIs.
  • Improve software development process for my working department.
  • MySQL, C#, .NET, PHP
  • Certificate
    • AWS SAA: https://www.credly.com/badges/b8c8ed0c-cd4a-4b56-8ce2-a717d16b9672/public_url
    • Microsoft AI-900: https://www.credly.com/badges/b0ba3d6b-f056-44a1-a7b4-d956effc10c0/public_url
    • Microsoft DP-900: https://www.credly.com/badges/831f8acb-55d1-4133-aa5b-df3be7234a6d/public_url

Veterans Affairs Council, Substitute Military Service Draftee, Sep 2019 ~ Aug 2020

  • Patient / Quick response / Planning / Execution
    • I was a substitute services draftee in Changhua Veterans Home, where requires patient and quick response.
    • Prepared medical plans twice a week for patients to go to Taichung Veterans General Hospital. 
    • Proposed plans to guide patients to local clinic after COVID-19 outbreak.

DBSE (Database and Software Engineering Laboratory), member, Sep 2014 ~ Aug 2019

  • Familiar with software development process
    • I practiced Waterfall and Agile processes in several software projects, such as community network, games, ELOP, and DBSE assistant.
    • Participated in all phases including requirement, design, implementation/ testing, and maintenance phases.
    • Elicited functional and non-functional requirements with software engineers through scenario discussion, object-oriented analysis, use case construction (UML), and prototyping,
    • Object-oriented designed web application components using MVC design pattern.
    • Designed architecture by considering data flow, storage, and APIs.
    • Designed relational database with ER diagrams.
    • Tested software by unit testing and integration testing with GitLab CI/CD.
  • Team Collaboration
    • I participated in more than 20 software projects and collaborated with 2-20 team members.
    • Utilized team communication channels (Mattermost), version control system (git/SVN), and issue tracking system (GitLab/Trac).
    • Proficient in listening to members opinions, analyzing ideas from multiple viewpoints.
    • Avoided conflicts by setting up standards and negotiating with members.
  • Documentation
    • Familiar with writing concise documents and reports to benefits development and maintenance.
  • Willing to accept new things and challenges
    • When a project could be built with new techniques and development team had enough time, I would try to conduct feasibility study and select useful techniques.
  • Continuous Improvement
    • When I discovered problems during project development, I would discuss with members and project leader, try to figure out solutions and improve development process.
    • After tasks were finished, I would try to improve software performance and help team members to solve their task problems.
  • Leadership and Management
    • I used to lead members to propose projects to Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), and I used to be a hack day leader.
    • Encouraged members to think wildly and to implement their idea into products.
    • Through project management, I realized the importance of time and budget, and negotiation between team and stakeholders.

TW Telemetry, (a start-up company), Full stack engineer, Jan 2014 ~ Jun 2016

  • Full-stack engineer
    • Developed a website using PHP/MySQL.
    • Managed server hardware and networking.
    • Collaborated with Arduino team to develop APIs for server-telemetry communication.
    • Programmed firmware with Arduino team.
  • Work with Stakeholder
    • The company cooperated with wildlife conservation researchers and produced telemetry to track wild animals. 
    • Meet with researchers to understand requirements and key features of the software.
    • Resolved bug reports provided by testers and researchers.
  • Information of the company is available: https://www.findcompany.com.tw/利益有情生物科技有限公司

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