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Timothy Powers is an Alamo-based real estate professional. He took his first steps in the field when he sought and obtained his license in 1989. By 1996, Powers had launched Paragon Mortgage Bankers, a mortgage company that he still heads today. In 2005, Timothy Powers opened a franchise for Intero Real Estate Services, a leading broker of real estate in California. The company specializes in real estate sales, short sales, and foreclosures.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Paragon Mortgage Bankers

1996 - Present

As President and CEO of Paragon Mortgage Bankers, Timothy Powers is responsible for most aspects of managing the real estate and mortgage banking operation.  Currently, Powers is the owner and primary broker at Paragon Real Estate Services; he focuses his professional efforts on foreclosures and investments that require value-added improvements.

Chief Executive Officer

Intero Real Estate Services of Pleasant Hill & Alamo

2005 - Present

In the early 2000s, Timothy Powers opened a franchise location for Intero Real Estate Services. While in this role, Powers was responsible for managing the branch and overseeing the hiring of both the staff and sales force. 


Real Estate Investment

Project Management

Property Renovation




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