Tim Tai-Hsiang Wang

Product owner/project manager, Software R&D manager, and self-starter to challenge everything.

  Taipei City, Taiwan   


Software Product Owner/Solution Architect  •  MOXA 四零四科技股份有限公司

1. As Product Owner:

- Initiate Moxa's first software for managing 802.11 wireless environment, the MXview Wireless, from interviewing to Go-To-Market. And have patented in Taiwan and China.

- Communicate with various stakeholders to discuss scenarios, collect pain points, create user stories with development teams, manage SCRUM activities, and collaborate with FAE/PMM to deliver values to the world.

- Deliver various articles of scenario, use cases, and well-architected demonstrations to sales, channels and customers. Finally, we have 100%+ growth in new activation, and 40%+  growth in the annual software sales (2021 vs 2020).

- Using HMW, Impact Mapping, Kano Model, User Story Mapping, Event Storming and Information Architecture to collect, analyse, discuss and design our software product from scratch.

- Using JIRA and Confluence to operate product development and manage product article/knowledge base.

- Initiate, create and operate our demonstration platform on the AWS cloud. ( https://try.mxview.io/ )

- Using Google Analytics, Inspectlet to profile users, then to optimize our design to improve UX.

- Using Power BI to analyze monthly activation and sales trends to adjust product plans with agility.

2. As the facilitator of Agile/DevOps culture:

- Introducing and landing of Agile and DevOps culture and practices, thus we could develop and release value to our customers at 10x speed (from a quarterly to a daily basis).

- Initiate a software test automation system from scratch, hire an SDET engineer and design the process to protect quality while we speed up the release cycle.

3. Community Activities:

- DevOpsDays Taipei 2021: speaker

- DevOps Taiwan: speaker and volunteer

- Agile Community Taipei: speaker

- Domain Driven Design Taiwan: volunteer

五月 2019 - Present

Product Owner/Section Manager  •  ADLINK Technology Inc. 凌華科技

* Manage a feature team as Scrum PO, from kernel driver and API library to web front-end capabilities, fulfilling the whole software requirements of an IoT product.

* Manage 10+ software products and releases, collect requirements and track progress, with a solid software development life-cycle (SDLC).

* Lead cross-function communication between EE, FPGA, SE, SW, DVT and business front-end, to solve technical, architectural or requirement issues and deliver value to customers.

* Introduced and enabled the DevOps culture, which makes it the most productive team in our center. The achievement was invited and shared on DevOpsDays Taipei 2018.

一月 2015 - 五月 2019

Staff Software Engineer  •  ADLINK Technology Inc. 凌華科技

* Completed 8 software/hardware integrated projects, as software developer and delivered high-quality solutions from kernel driver, library (SDK) to GUI utilities.

一月 2008  - 十二月 2014


2004 - 2007

東海大學 Tung-Hai University

Computer Science and Information Engineering

2000 - 2004

東海大學 Tung-Hai University

Computer Science and Information Engineering