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Tj Bartel is a multifaceted entrepreneur who is also a successful author. He is the CEO of Bartel Enterprises. With more than 16 years of experience and proven excellence, Tj has more than mastered the skills necessary to succeed in his career. Mr. Bartel focuses on personal transformation and conscious sexuality. 

Tj Bartel's technique integrates both meditation, neuroscience, and innovative personal growth techniques. His main goal is to create meaningful and lasting change and transformations in relationships that will ultimately lead to benefits for themselves and everyone else in their lives.

Energy mastery is a field in which Tj Bartel has mastered and frequently uses to fuel his career, personal growth, and his work helping others. As an author, public figure, and life coach, Tj needs to fine-tune his awareness and concentration to perform at peak levels throughout all aspects of his life and career. Energy mastery allows him to overcome personal, emotional, and mental obstacles to continue to provide his clients with the highest level of care possible. Visit LeapForBliss.com for more on Tj's energy mastery techniques!

As a Bay Area-based entrepreneur, author, and energy mastery coach, Tj Bartel has traveled the world to positively transform relationships and individuals’ lives through self-awareness and empowerment. Mr. Bartel possesses nearly two decades of experience and is certified and highly experienced in a wide variety of fields related to his career, such as Energy Mastery, Taoism, Chakra Healing, Spirituality, and Meditation. As the topic of mental health continues to increase in prevalence and more individuals turn to meditation and other related methods, energy mastery, Tj believes, will continue to rise in popularity.

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San Jose, California, US

Work Experience

TjBartel.com, Dec 2000 - Present

Tj Bartel helps people become happier and more fulfilled in almost every area of their lives by sharing physical, energetic, and emotional tools and practices. He has been fascinated with personal growth and psychology his entire adult life and dedicates his knowledge and passion to those in need.

Tj Bartel has developed a powerful new practice called LEAP: Lifeforce Energetic Alignment Protocol to help people understand and upgrade their body’s energetic operating system. It is this system which is at the root of both emotional and physical pain. In addition, Tj also enjoys leading sacred pilgrimages exploring the magic and mystery of Ancient Egypt with his current teaching partner Dr. Rima Bonario. 


San Diego State University, 1984 - 1987

Bachelor of Science - BS, Psychology

Tj Bartel also served as Event Staff Coordinator for the Track and Field Team.

West Valley College, 1982 - 1984

Associate of Arts - AA, General Studies

Activities and Societies: Track and Field Team and Men's Basketball Team

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On this site, Tj Bartel shares his thoughts and advice on various topics related to men, such as how to have a fulfilling relationships with women and how to be a better lover.

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Are you spiritual but not religious and in need of ministerial services? Rev. Tj Bartel is a celebrant who understands your unique view of spirituality. Love is what matters most, not religious rules or even family traditions.

Weddings, Vow Renewals, Christenings, Funerals, & Memorial Services.

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“Emotional Flooding” and How to Avoid It 

If you’ve ever struggled with the feeling of being overcome with negative emotions especially when triggered by a miscommunication or disagreement with a loved one or significant other, you may be experiencing what is referred to as “emotional flooding.”


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How Career Burnout Can Affect Your Love Life 

Burnout can negatively affect the quality of work on the job and the quality of everything that you do. It can also negatively impact one’s mental, emotional and physical health as well as something many people may not realize is their love life; the following being just a few examples of how.

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Getting Over Relationship Anxiety 

Starting a new relationship can be both exhilarating and scary. In fact, the newness of a relationship can, quite normally, incite anxiety for some people, which is manageable if only rooted in fear. This is often referred to as relationship anxiety. The good news is that you can work to resolve this kind of anxiety.


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Is Your Relationship Growing or Dying? 

Life is all about effectively managing how much time you spend enjoying things, smiling, spreading love, and being happy. In order to manage all of this, however, everyone must have some form of measure.


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Be a Great Lover Overnight

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Tj Bartel's newest Facebook group for men who love women & want to learn and share wisdom and techniques to do so more masterfully.


Tj Bartel currently resides in San Jose, California.