Kai-Tse Lin 林鎧澤

Former Game Designer, Sound Designer and Japanese Specialist for WOWWOW TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION

In charge of a shipped Nintendo Switch game: Birdie Wing-Golf Girls' Story-, which is collaborated with HTC VIVERSE and based on an original anime created by Bandai Namco Pictures.



Game Designer  •  WOWWOW TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION哇哇科技股份有限公司)

March 2022 - Augest 2023

  • As Game Designer for Birdie Wing -Golf Girls' Story- 
    • Developed unique core systems, passive features for characters to convey anime's theme
    • Researched and successfully built a realistic ball spin, trajectory, and rolling performance
    • Designed gameplay mechanics that are easy to understand with a clear tutorial
    • Responsible for motion control that delivers a realistic swing experience
    • Responsible for full localization in Chinese, Japanese and English
  • As Sound Designer for Birdie Wing -Golf Girls' Story- 
    • Edited materials and applied parameters with FMOD
    • Collaborated with engineers with clear specifications to solve API implementation problems
    • Developed customized sound according to a combination of terrain, power, precision and clubs
    • Developed collision realistic sound with randomization by object and automation by velocity
    • Oversaw production of outsourcing materials that suits the needs of IP holders
  • As Japanese Specialist for Birdie Wing -Golf Girls' Story- 
    • Frequently held international meetings with Bandai Namco Pictures and HTC VIVERSE
    • Consecutive interpreted Japanese and Chinese to deliver messages to developers and artists
    • Clerified information updated


National Taiwan Normal University 國立臺灣師範大學

Bachelor Degree of History

2017 - 2020

Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages 文藻外語大學

Associate Degree of Major in English and Minor in Japanese


2011 - 2016


Game Design

  • Game Mechanics
  • Sports Physics
  • Characters Features
  • Narrative Design
  • Level Design 
  • UI Layout 

Project Execution

  • Agile Workflow Implementation
  • Progress Tracking
  • Interdepartmental Communication

Sound Design

  • Edit Material
  • Apply Parameter
  • Implementation
  • Outsourcing


  • Localization
  • International Communication


   Slack       Notion      Figma


   Unreal Engine 5      Unity 3D   


Shipped - Birdie Wing -Golf Girls' Story-

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Genre: Sports, Anime, Motion Control

System Design: Mechanics, Physics, Numeral Balance

Content Design: Original or Adapted Levels and Plots

Sound Design: Editing, Implementation, Outsourcing

Translation: Localization (CN, EN, JP), Contact in Japanese

Unannounced - FGO (Code Name)

Platform: Multiple

Genre: ARPG, Sci-fi, Historical Fantasy

System Design: Gameplay Concept and Combat Mechanics

Contents Design: Story, Character and Quest

GDD: Design and Marketing 

Art Concept: Historial Setting Investigation