唐嘉駿(Jia-Jun Tang)

Hi everyone, My name is Jia Jun Tang, I graduated from Yun Ze University in 2020. I majored in information communication. When I was a college student, not only be the leader of the graduation exhibition but also participated in many competitions. The top award that I got was the top talent of the ADAA. At the same time, I was a front-end engineer intern in different companies, learning knowledge about developing web games and data visualization. 

I love the skills of the front-end, especially the motion effects on the web and user experience. Also, I love to challenge the special effects on the web. Now I am learning React and focusing on how to write clean code. Expect I can be the senior front-end engineer in the future.

New Taipei City, TW
[email protected]  0981-089-543



  • HTML5、CSS3
  • ES5、ES6+
  • Know how to make responsive web design with HTML/CSS
  • The experience of React, style-component and React-native
  • The experience of p5.js and D3.js
  • Know how to use Firebase


  • Know how to use adobe Photoshop
  • The experience of wordpress
  • Know the basic knowledge of PHP+MySQL
  • Know the basic knowledge of arduino
  • The experience of using Git to control version

College Experience

Excellent Performance Award in Yun Ze University

Because of the professor’s recommendation, I got the Excellent Performance Award

The leader of the graduation exhibition

Hold the Yun Ze University Information Communication 23rd Graduation Exhibition

Participated 2020 Vision Get Wild Award

We make an interactive projection device with a fog screen and are on the shortlist.

Participated Adobe® Design Achievement Awards

We make a Rube Goldberg machine and got TOP TALENT in the video category

Participated 2019 creative mobile application competition

We make a mobile application named 好課來相報 got the number one

Participated ICSS2019 

I wrote an essay and share it on ICSS2019, the title is "A 360 Degrees First Person Perspective Image Generating Method by Several Cameras around Target Person".

Jobs Experience

明德精算顧問有限公司 intern, 2020.07 ~ 2021.02

  • Use D3.js visual the big data on the web
  • Solve the problem which is showing big data on the web
  • Make the website that uses neumorphism UI design 

藝次元互動科技 intern, 2019.07 ~ 2019.08

Learn how to make a web game using and pixi.js

網絡行動科技 intern, 2018.01 ~ 2018.06

Learn how to make a website using Drupal


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The Yun Ze University Information Communication 23rd Graduation Exhibition website includes works, topics, and photos.


  • React
  • style-component

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system

A system for student sign-in, record the student's information, classroom information, etc.


  • React 
  • style-component
  • React-native
  • firebase

好課來相報Number one

        This is a mobile application showing the classes which you have not finished. Using this application can track your progress in classes and see comments on the class which you want to choose.


  • HTML / CSS / javascript
  • python
  • cordova

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"Ananas" is an interactive projection device with a fog screen. Users can interact with our special pineapple and trigger the projection animation.

  • arduino
  • PHP + MySQL

Six kids Top talent

A Rube Goldberg machine. Use animals and bright colors to create the feeling of the circus. This project got the Top Talent of ADAA.

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