Tony(ChengYou Lee)

Communication Engineering graduate with proven coding skills. Currently seeking a position as a Software Engineer. I love being a creator and it's great to see someone enjoying what I've created. I always think from the user's point of view when designing programs, because the programmer is the first user .

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In 2017 and 2019, my partner and I participated in the hackathon competition hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University, winning the first prize of the MediaTek Enterprise Award and the Cathay Pacific Financial Holding Enterprise Award respectively. 

Work Experience

ADLINK TECHNOLOGY INC, Assistant Engineer, Oct 2020 ~ Feb 2021 

Converted the product website to Shopify, and designed new appearance and functions on the Shopify platform, using html, javascript, css3, liquid...etc. In addition, I set up a website for browsing and downloading resources on the Azure platform and embedded it on the Shopify platform.

Computer Programming, teaching assistant , Mar 2020 ~ Aug 2020 

Led the students to carry out activities and exercises. The teaching assistant group was responsible for preparing supplementary teaching materials of each class. During this period, I learned how to design coding questions, plan courses and guide students to learn.

Academia Sinica, Research Assistant, Jul 2017 ~ Feb 2018 

Studied topics related to the use of GAN in the field of speech. In the end, I found that rather than doing research, I prefer the product side that can see the results being used by users.

Junyi Academy, Software Intern, Jan 2017 ~ Jun 2017

Had learned the front-end and back-end technologies almost from scratch. The mentor led me to participate in development meetings, so I learned some agile development processes. My job at that time was mainly responsible for fixing bugs and adding new features to the website.


Programming Language

  • Python
  • C#
  • javascript
  • C++
  • TypeScript


  • three.js
  • CSS3, SCSS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Brython


  • Django
  • Beautiful Soup
  • Selenium
  • MySQL

Cloud Platform

  • Heroku
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS
  • Azure

Development Tools and Platforms

  • Sublime Text 
  • Visual Studio code 
  • Linux 
  • Github


  • Line Chatbot
  • Unity
  • Construct3


Programming related

  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Architecture 
  • Data Structure 
  • Algorithms
  • Discrete mathematics 
  • Introduction to Computer Networks
  • Digital Speech Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision 
  • Game Programming  
  • Game-based e-Learning


  • Mandarin(Native)
  • English
    GEPT High-Intermediate
  • Japanese (Studied)


1.Line chatbot(Ice cream girl)

This Line robot designed to enhance the interaction of the Line group can respond to different pictures according to different commands, and can be added to the line group. The number of its friends once reached as high as 80,000. The technologies used include webhook, crawler, database, flask...etc.

2.Monopoly  Editor

This editor allow general users easily create a web multiplayer Monopoly game, and at the same time have a lot of freedom to customize the rules, appearance and play methods. Additionally, games created through this editor platform can be easily shared and edited.Subsequent users can thus make Monopoly games more quickly.

In this project, front-end and back-end technologies are used, including Django, websocket, three.js, google blockly...etc.


National Taiwan University, Master degree
Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, 2018~2022

National Taiwan University, Bachelor degree
Department of Electrical Engineering, 2014 ~ 2018

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