Jui-Fu Chen

      Major Psychology • Soochow University

UX researcher  

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I am a data-based UX researcher, Coming from a Psychology background, I value real data. Thus, I am willing to contact the user in reality and dig the insight from tons of information and data. As a data-based UX researcher, I am proficient at turning complex and abstract data into visible results. I use different software tools to analyze data, create visual charts, make wireframes and interactive prototypes. 


17LIVE Inc. -- UX Researcher,2020 / 10 - present

  • Establish a suitable method for 17LIVE user research and help UX designers complete the usability test independently.
  • Organize feedbacks and challenges from different stakeholders to deliver reports accepted by the C-levels and VP. 
  • Plan research with the rigorous method and to bring accurate reports that provide clear product directions and evidence to promote the product and explore unknown problems to teammates or VP.

Omlet Inc. -- UX Researcher/Designer,2019 / 3 - 2020 / 10

  • Explore users' requirements or using problems through quantitative research, and verify with data and qualitative research. 
  • Using the BI tool and database helps members verify their assumptions and find the problem. 
  • Using the BI tool and database, do the experiment such as the A/B test. 
  • Provide long-term direction of the product, the solution to the problem found based on user research. 
  • To integrate into scrum development, work with teammates to design the MVP, and conduct usability tests effectively.
  • Build the guideline of user research to help teammates learn the method quickly and let them contact users.

Urclass -- UX Designer intern,2018 / 7 - 8 

  • Help the product manager understand users' persona and marketing opportunities through the interview and usability test.
  • Design the wireframe of new features based on user research.  
  • Work with the marketing team member to optimize the content on the website through the A/B test.

Soochow University meal ordering system partner ,2017 / 7 - 2018 / 11

  • ​Work with classmates to the MVP to solve the problem of student restaurants based on field research and questionnaire at Soochow University. 
  • Discuss with the development team, contractors, and directors of different offices to make the product go online. 
  •  The first version of the product is online in 2018.11​
The problem of student restaurants is bothering students and teachers nearly a decade ago. Too many people crowd in the restaurant at the same time after class. The complaints about the long time to get a meal has never stopped. Therefore, I decided to start with field research, questionnaire, and interview to figure out the solution. Surprisingly, I find an insight that the time to get the meal isn't as long as users' feelings. The crowd feeling makes them impatient that is the real problem. 

Therefore, I make a prototype of a solution which can decrease the number of people in the restaurants at noon with classmates and demonstrate it to the principal in competition. In final, The idea is recognized by the principal. Finally, it goes online due to the effort made by all the partners and me.


UX research

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research  
  • Experiment Method  
  • Statistical knowledge 
  •  Psychology

UX Design

  • Sketch 
  •  Balsamiq 
  •  Miro 
  •  Adobe XD

Data Analysis

  •  Basic Query 
  •  Google Analytics 
  • Firebase
  •  Kibana 
  •  Google Sheet

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