Cheng-Hsien Yu

Semiconductor Process Specialist

  Hsinchu, Hsinchu City, Taiwan


Motivated / Responsible / Teamwork

Hi, I'm Cheng-Hsien Yu. As a graduate student in the Material Science and Engineering Department, I accumulated knowledge and experience in the semiconductor field. Thereby, I cultivated great communication skills, a motivated  and responsible attitude when dealing with tasks.   

Email: [email protected]  Cellphone: 0905025811



National Yang Min Chiao Tung University

Material Science and Engineering Master's degree •  2019 - 2022

  • Average GPA : 4.08/4.3
  • Master Thesis: Study of Double-Decked Gate on AlGaN/GaN HEMT for RF performance and low noise application.
GaN materials have many advantages, like wide bandgap, high saturation velocity, high electron mobility. GaN is used in low noise amplifiers. There is an important indicator called noise figure in low noise amplifiers. The noise figure represents the size of the noise. We can get better noise performance when the noise figure is lower. From the formula, gate resistance and parasitic capacitance have a great influence on the noise figure. To improve the parasitic capacitance, the gate line width must be reduced. However, the reduction of the line width will reduce the gate metal range, which also means that the gate resistance will inevitably increase.
Therefore, my research topic is using the double-decked gate structure to solve these problems. The double-deck gate structure has two advantages. One is the double-decked gate structure that can remain a small gate length, and the other is using the second deck can reduce the gate resistance. Combined with these advantages, this gate structure can have relatively low parasitic capacitance. Therefore, the RF performance and noise figure can be improved.

  • Assisting NCSIST project on RF performance and ITRI project on high frequency devices.

  • Relevant  Courses:  Solid-state electronics, Semiconductor Manufacturing Process, Compound Semiconductor Device and Manufacturing Process, Semiconductor and Display Technology

National Tsing Hua University

Engineering and System Science Bachelor's degree  •  2015 - 2019

  • Average GPA : 3.1/4.3
  • Relevant  Courses: Introduction to Solid State Physics, Ceramic Materials, Corrosion Engineering, Fuel Cells:The Principles and Applications, Electronic circuitry

Leadership Experience

Winter Camp at Adolescents' Home, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Planning a four-day camp with colleagues at the adolescents' home

2017/9/15 - 2018/2/4 General Affairs.

  • Controlling the budget and reducing the total cost by 10% compared to last year.
  • Managing 70 workers to finish the camp.
  • Communicating with officers in adolescents' homes, colleagues, group leaders.

Meichu Cheering Group(梅竹火力班)

An official cheering group at Meichu games cheers for the players and psyche them up.

2016/9/1 - 2017/3/2 Leader

  • Submitting a budget to the school and controlling the budget.
  • Communicating with school administrators, game sponsors, other associations.
  • Managing the Facebook fan's page, creating 200+ likes and 4000+ touches in the last month.
  • Assisting the motorcycle parade to make residents know about Meichu games.
  • Assisting image record.


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
  • Data Analysis
  • Paper Research
  • Microsoft Office


   Chinese       English - TOEIC 750