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Chen Yi Lun

Marketing & Strategy

With more than 3 years of experience in marketing related fields,  has rich practical and counseling experience. Can formulate the most suitable plan according to the status quo , and arrange the most effective general direction strategy, overall marketing structure and actual landing plan according to resources.

I value the diversification of knowledge. I think that if you only learn a certain kind of knowledge, then knowledge may become a kind of prejudice. Strongly agree with Tolstoy's words: "In order to get a correct view of things, it is not enough to think for a lifetime." 


    [email protected] 

     Taipei City, Taiwan

Work Experience

deep View digital marketing, Marketing Strategy & Plan, Sep 2019 ~ Apr 2021

  • Successfully attained and executed more than 20 projects in different fields for the company during employment. The proposal success rate was over 85% Have executed marketing projects of BIRKENSTOCK, EVA Air, PCA Life Assurance, King Car Group Kavalan Whiskey, TRAVELE , PCHome, Xuexue Foundation , HiQ , Reg.EN,  The One at Taipei 101, etc. 

  • BIRKENSTOCK  2020/ 2021 Annual Marketing Project- 
Merged online integral network arrangement, offline customer journey road, membership management and POS/ ERP system , successfully motivated the total revenue of the official website in 2020 by 285.93% and the conversion rate by 149.98% compared with the previous period. Social media like Facebook, Instagram and Line all increased by more than 10,000 fans. Digital advertising ROAS averaged over 10. O2O activities promoted the growth of physical traffic and received high satisfaction feedback from customers.

  • deep View Digital Marketing 2020/2021 Annual Business Promotion Plan- 
Through website UI/UX re-planning, SEO management, user analysis and community sharing energy, the official website traffic has increased by about 100 times one year later, which result in about 10 actual inquiries per month, and the transaction rate reach 50%. 

  • Reg.EN 2020 online tasting event- 
Planned a free trial event for the brand in 2020. Through established a dynamic event website integrated digital advertising which including Yahoo, Line LAP, and GDN network, successfully generated more than 1,000 purchase action within one month. At the same time, also improved the official website traffic by 10 times, gained more than 100,000 new website users, and repurchase rate of 20%. 

  • Ruizhi Social Welfare Foundation's Community Operations in 2020-
Integrated image propaganda film, community management and digital advertising , enhanced the number of fans of Facebook fanpage by 47%, post likes by 8 times, followers reached by 841%, post interactions by 890% after half a year. 

  • Eva Air 2019 Q4 Tourism Product Promotion- 
In 2019, through established a one-page event website, with Facebook and Google advertising , successfully sold out all the itineraries. The average advertising CTR exceeds 8%, and the KPI achievement rate is 782%.

Fracht Group, Marketing Specialist & Sales Representative, Feb 2018 ~ Jul 2019

  • Marketing Specialist 

    • Introduced the SaaS system to develop company's official website, and used HTML/CSS/JS to optimize the subtle effects. 
    • Formulated the UI/UX design and administered SEO of the website. Improved the keyword search ranking from over 60 to first page. The overall CTR attained to 4.5%, and the total number of impressions increased by 400%. 
    • Design company's greeting cards by using PS/AI , produced company image propaganda film and music clips by using AE/PR. 
    • Operated the company's Facebook fanpage, including theme setting, article writing and picture production. 

  •  Sales Representative 

    • Visited and maintained customer relationship, mainly responsible for LVMH, ATCROSS, DIOR, CORUM, etc.
    • Reception of visiting partners and vendors, mainly responsible for Evergreen Sea/Air Transport, China Airlines, ONE Ocean Shipping Agency, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, APL US Presidential Shipping Company, etc. 
    • Represented the Taiwan branch on a business trip to Shanghai and participated in the group's 2019 annual business meeting. 
    • Executed the annual bidding project of Datong Company, and be responsible for inquiring and contacting with branches/agents in more than 20 countries around the world. 
    • Assist the company to promote the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) project to improve the speed of customs notification and customer trust.


Feng Chia University ,BBA, Department of International Trade and Management, 2014 ~ 2018

  • Academic pursuit

During the four years, I won several Presidential Awards, and finally graduated with the 3th place in the department. 

    • Completed all credits in the third year in advance, and obtained foreign internship opportunities in the fourth year, then was put on to the permanent payroll after graduation.
    •  As a department representative, been to Hunan Central South University for cross-strait academic exchanges.
    •  Passed the selection and completed the Alibaba cross-border e-commerce training program. 
    •   Won the 1st place of the department-level final marketing contest.
    •  The average academic grade was GPA 3.8 . 

  •  Extracurricular activities 

Through hold a variety of activities and gatherings, grasped the ability of leadership, cooperation, organization, communication and problem-solving. 

    • Director of Makeup Club- 

Led the club successfully strive for the SHISEIDO to co-organize the campus cosmetic promotion activities and acted as the brand campus promotion ambassador; successfully strive for the [email protected] product sponsorship, and achieved the effect of cooperation in the club enrollment activities.

    • Student Association - 

Hosted a school-wide Christmas concert, and be responsible for contact with artists, schedule arrangements, and contract signing.

    • Public welfare organizations - 
Implemented a two-day holiday camp for children studying in elementary school, provided them free education and entertainment activities. 
    •  AIESEC Counselor- 
Co-organized a week-long international summer camp with organization members from 10 different countries, which successfully attracted more than 200 people to participate.


  • TOEIC Golden Certificate (865)
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)
  • Barcode Management Specialist – On Retail 
  • Planner of Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Level C technician for International Trade Management
  • International Trade Conference 
  • Level C technician for Accounting Affair-Manual
  • Level C technician for Accounting Affair-Information


  • Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator 
  • Proficient in Google Analytics, Keywords, Console, SEO
  • Proficient in FB, IG, Line management platform 
  • Familiar with Wordpress, SaaS
  • Familiar with Indesign, After Effect, Premier 
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS

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