Lu, Yi-Shan (Trina) 

Web developer / Javascript / HTML5 / CSS / JQuery / PHP 

1992 born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan / female / TV series lover / gamer

[email protected]

(+886) 921-524-693 

Taipei, Taiwan

Qualifications Summary for Web developer

I am competent to developing and implementing interactive websites with Javascript, CSS, and HTML5. I have only nearly two years of experience building websites, but I have constructed front-end websites, backend server with PHP, Mysql, and some experience with linux, apache and AWS Simple Storage Service.

I am very aggressive and passionate about writing beautiful codes, building user-friendly web applications (especially for Naughty Dog) and has built several websites during my current career. I care about the quality of my projects and have a high standard for myself. I build things fast but never ignore details and attempt to keep my codes clean, maintainable, easy to read. 

I am capable of learning new stuffs on my own, and my current interest and goal is to gain skills using modern javascript frameworks with es6 to build powerful and reactive applications. It would be my honor to see how people built software in this dream company and I am ready to devote myself to this position.


Bachelor of Management Information System

National Chengchi University, Taipei Taiwan

2011 - 2015  


  • Web Programmer | Interserv, 2015 / 04 - present 

Responsible for iSGame Platform maintenance, official sites, event pages and backstage tools developments. 

During the time here, I have gained solid knowledge and technique to build website from scratch and now confident constructing websites on my own. 


Niconico comment opacifier

A google chrome extension for modifying the opacity of niconico douga's comments. I built this mostly for myself, because even though I enjoy reading those comments from other users, I just can't bare when videos are totally covered with them.


An unofficial mobile version webpage for nespresso coffee. The reason I built this page is for my mom . She uses mobile more often, so I thought building a mobile version would may be more handy for her to search the flavor of the coffee that she's about to drink.


An event listener for swiping gestures with vanilla js. Just wanted a light-weight module for this so I decided to built one my own.

Lottery runner

A simple module for running lottery effect with vanilla js. I had built two or three event pages that requires this effect so I turned it into a module for simple reuse.

Skills and characters

  • Proficient in building web with Javascript (JQuery), HTML5 and CSS3
  • Familiar with PHP, Mysql and some linux experience with apache
  • Comfortable with learning new stuff and solving problems on my own
  • Familiar with using developing tools like gulp, sass, less with npm and node js
  • Love to build tools that's helpful and handy 
  • English (TOEIC 930) / Japanese (JLPT N1) / Chinese

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