Chien Ming Tsai

My name is James Tsai , I have more than 15 years experience in entertainment media PR , and more than 7 years experience in brand marketing and product sales.

mail: [email protected]
line/ skype ID: cmfish16


PR Skills

- Proven success developing, managing and implementing media strategies and measuring results across traditional media and digital channels.
- Executed public relations activities and communications including press conference, news releases, media kits, editorial advertisements and announcements.
- Arranged interviews and pitched ideas to media. Established and nurtured relationships with media reps across all major news medias.

Marketing and Sale Skill

- Managed brand plan, develop, and oversaw marketing effort that are designed to help the brand increase in value.
- Be the lead story teller, and develop in collaboration with other businesses, like TV shopping network.
- Managed all social medial programs, including forums, blogs, and social networking sites, to increase brand awareness.
- Maintained official company page on Facebook to facilitate interaction with customers, also coordinated with marketing teamsto use Facebook Live to generate sales and expand the current audience and get new clients and customers. 


Manager of Sales and Marketing Dept. • Hanchu Co,Ltd. • 2010.10~2017.10
Participate and managed Brand of  skin care products and weight loss food of A.Y.E 

- Managed sales channel of FB live、network platform、TV shopping.
- We made 
increase more than 65,000 fans of FB live sale within 6 months.

Weight loss food sales results 130 million in 2013 of Eastern shopping.

Executive of Network Consumer & Publicity Dept. • STAR Group(Taiwan) • 2005.2~2010.10
-  Writing and publishing more than 700 press release of TV program of STAR Chinese Channel、STAR Chinese Movie Channel and Channel[V]. 
- Develop more than 50  programme of media planning and implementation.
- Participate in 2007、2008 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival of STAR Chinese Movie Channel.

- Media leader of CHANNEL[V] V POWER Music concert,and  lead More than 70,000 people attended the grand event in 2008.

Media Manager •STAR Entertainment Artist brokers company• 2005.2~2010.10 

-Managed PR of all the artist of shooting TV gram、filming、commercial and business activities.  


Grad-Jun 1991 Providence UNIVERSITY, Taichung Taiwan , Bachelor of International Trade

2010~2017 Media presentation