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I am a software developer in Taiwan. I graduated from department of Mechanical of NCTU.  I became a software developer instead of a Mechanical Engineer because of my passion of the Software. I learn all of the coding skill on my own and keep going to raise myself . I have experiences in backend engineer, however I focus developing mobile application now. 



英文姓名 : Tars
期待薪水:1.5m + TWD/annum
電子郵件:[email protected]
GitHub : https://github.com/tsaohucn
StackOverflow : https://stackoverflow.com/users/story/5078051

Focused Skills

React Native

Over there years experiences。


Master in syntax after ES6


The JavaScript with the type

Experienced Skills/Concepts


Ruby is my first expert computer language.


I use rails to build Restful JSON API.


I have experience of Relational database and NoSQL database.


DevOps is a popular topic recently,I am familiar with Git,CI/CD concept to help team to build hight quality products.


I have TDD/BDD concept and unit test skill to maintain the code quality and decline odds of bugs. 


Knowing how to scrum to make woking easier and to develop system from small task to final goal.

Work Experience

Experience from 2020/5~ at 全球遊戲 : React Native Developer

80k TWD / month

Working on a gambling company, using React Native to build Cross-platform App

Experience from 2019/2~2019/7 at 晶睿通訊 : React Native Developer

70k TWD / month
I was a React Native developer in VIVOTEK.
  • Using WebRTC、React Native to develop a doorbell App

Experience from 2018/1~2018/10 at 傲勝遊戲 : React Native Developer

180k TWD / month
I was a React Native developer in a company at Cambodia for building React Native component of comic book App.
  • I help our team to import DevOpes to their workflow
  • Using MongoDB、Node.js to develop Restful API of comic book App

Experience from 2017/1~2018/1 at 凱名移動 : React Native Developer

60k TWD / month
I was a React Native developer in a start-up company for building a dating App.
  • Building Dating App alone by Rect Native
  • Using react-native-gifted-chat to build chat function in dating App
  • Using Firebase to build backend of dating App
  • Collaborate with UI designer

Experience from 2013/6~2016/12 at 工業技術研究院 Associate Engineer

50k TWD / month
I helped our team to do promotion, demo, design thinking as well. Because the stage of this project is in startup early time, so complex multi job are must to do.
  • Design thinking for project
  • Project promotion
Data Engineer
It is an App for helping pregnant women to make their life better in their pregnant time. I was responsible for handling most detail of this project, and analyze return data from user of this App by Python and JAVA. 
  • Using Ruby、Nokogiri to write web crawler to get data from social media
  • Using Python、Java to do semantic analysis 
  • Using MongoDB to save data 
  • Design thinking for function of App

Backend Engineer
I was responsible for building Restful API of an App named "Tomato", The benchmark of this App is "IFTTT", which is a western App that can help users automate theirs trivia in their life.
  • Using Rails and open source named Huginn to build Restful API 
  • Connecting Facebook、Twitter、Philips bulb...and more third party API 
  • Developing new third party API of traditional industry without IT ability 
  • Writing unit test by RSpec
DevOps Engineer
I was assigned to assist our team to build their automatic working flow. I study Docker, Ansible, Travis CI, AMS, Vagrant, any tool which can help our team to accelerate their development progress.
  • I help our team to import DevOpes to their workflow

Experience form 2010~2013/6 at NCTU Postgraduate

The project worked when I did my postgraduate study, I was responsible for building the communication system in rocket, I used C language and Texas Instruments DSP hardware to build it.
  • Using C language and dsp to get data from sensor
  • Electronic board welding

Side Projects

Project in 2018 : React Native Developer

A App that build by React Native for referees of Poker to use.
  • Using React Native to build App for Poker in iPad
  • Using Cloud Firestore to build backend of this App

Project in 2017 : Rails Developer

The project worked with an American partner, and I was a freelancer to help him build his career which is a star-up project that can help people to inject advertising to their own social-media share content.
  • Assisting developing Rails 
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