Tung-Hsin Chang         [email protected]

Finland/ Remote

I'm a software developer mainly working with React/redux to create real-time friendly dashboard and websites.



JavaScript / typescript/ React.js/ React Native/ Redux/ Gatsby.js/Next.js

SCSS/SASS/ Styled-components / BEM/ BootStrap / EJS

GSAP / React Spring / Framer Motion 

Back-end and Database

Node.js / Express 

PostgreSQL/ DynamoDB / MongoDB / Mongoose/ 


cypress/ jest/ Mocha/ chai/ TestCafe


Code Quality ESLint/ flow/ sonarCloud

AWS serverless, AWS CDK

Personal projects

  1. Signaal   Instant messaging platform for IT infrastructure monitoring. Integrate with tools you already use, such as SMS notication, voice notication, or instant messaging application ie LINE or WhatsAPP.
  2. Personal Website    Used Webpack + React + SCSS to create the portfolio website.
  3. React Native Rating App   Built with React Native and GraphQL+Apollo for users to rate repo and comment
  4. Elearner  Built with React Hooks. Using Axios, RESTful API, Node.js, Express, MongoDB and React-spring. 
  5. Typescript Quiz App    Database brainstorm quiz game built with typescript
  6. Blog with Node and EJS   Built with Javascript, EJS. Using Ajax for updating comments and like/dislike. Backend with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB . Users can create, revise, update, and delete the blog post.
  7. Wildlife Shelter ( javascript animation)   My early time web design inspiration using javascript. Mainly focused on javascript animations. Built with GSAP animation library, SVG Filter Animation, CSS Clip path, and Adobe Illustrator.

Work Experience

Software Developer at Oriola Corporation , Mar 2021 - Now

Helsinki, Finland
·  Work in Digital Solution Development Team with Agile methodology
· Add new features and functionalities for Oriola pharma digital platforms mainly with React, Node and REST API
· Build and manage databases with DynamoDB and PostgreSQL (RDS Service in AWS)
· Build re-useable components and use storybook to create the documentation of components
· Write unit test and e2e test with Mocha, chai, and TestCafe
· AWS service with serverless framework and  AWS CDK

Front-end Software Developer at EC-NETWORKER 易璽科技, Jun 2020 - Feb 2021

Taipei, Taiwan 

· Created real-time dashboard for network monitoring services with socket.io, React and Redux.

· Created a company product website and documentation with Gatsby.js and GraphQL.

· Built a customer portal with Auth0 for clients to access license details and management.

· Added i18n languages support to the main product, refactored a significant portion of the codebase.

· Developed the new corporate website with Gatsby.js as front-end and headless Ghost CMS.

· Balanced requirements, UX, and budget in order to get the most of business value in limited timeframe.

Associate at Deloitte China, Jul 2018 - Jul 2019

Shanghai, China

· Executed a due diligence project for an information technology company in K-12. 

· Provided analysis based on findings to gain deeper understanding of clients’ business environments.

· Performed risk assessment on the entity level and various business processes. 


University of Oulu, 2016 - 2018 Oulu, Finland Master in Finance

· Human Computer Interaction GPA: 4/5:  Human and computer fundamentals, product design and prototyping, evaluation techniques, data collection and analysis. · Achievement: 2nd prize, Start-Up Weekend Oulu 2016.

National Taipei University, 2012 - 2016 Taipei, Taiwan Bachelor in Public Finance       

Leisure Projects                                                                                 (portfolio continued)

Personal Website                                                                                    

Projects 00 00@2x

Personal Portfolio

Used Webpack + React + SCSS to create a simple website for you to know more about me.

Learn More

React Native App

1. Built with React Native and Apollo 2. Used Formik for state management of forms


(View buddies function are available for guests, 
Account: [email protected] Password: test123
Projects 00 00@2x


1. Built with React Functional Component Hooks 

2. Using Axios. RESTful API

3. Node.js, Express, MongoDB

4. Async/ Awiat

5. React-spring and Framer motion

6. Material UI 

Projects 00 00@2x

 Instant Blog

1. Built with Javascript, EJS 

 2. Using Ajax for updating comments and like/dislike 

 3. Node.js, Express, MongoDB 

4. Create, Revise, Update, and Delete the blog post


Wildlife Shelter (GSAP animation)

My early time web design inspiration using javascript.
Projects 00 00@2x

Wildlife Shelter

This is my first try of web showcase page, mainly focused on  javascript animations

1. Built with GSAP animation library

2. CSS Grid

3. SVG Filter Animation

4. CSS Clip path

5. Adobe Illustrator



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