Sheng Hung Lin

Software Engineer

  Taipei City, Taiwan

Highly skilled and motivated Software Engineer with 6 years of experience as a web developer.   Proficient in Java, Spring Framework, PostgreSQL.

Maintain and enhance high concurrency websites with a well-designed and scalable architecture.

By creating several platform/project, I have assisted many businesses in improving the product cycle-time efficiency and quality.


軟體工程師  Gorilla Technology Group 大猩猩科技股份有限公司   2018/11 - Present

負責開發Security Convergence Platform, 整合EDR系統:包含NetProbe, NetTrap等 EdgeAI Devices。設計SIEM介面,後端資料結構設計,分析使用者需求並實作、串接SOAR與SOC平台實現IR Design,告警威脅分析與情資處理、伺服器維運與效能分析
Tools : Java / Eclipse / Centos / PostgreSQL / ELK / Spring+Hibernate

光罩工程師 Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing 台灣積體電路有限公司 2017/03 - 2018/09

1. 光罩產線自動化
2. 網站前後端系統開發(front-end:jQuery, BootStrap, HTML5 / back-end:Java, Oracle SQL with Oracle WebLogic Server , IDE: eclipse)
3. 大型備份還原系統之維護/開發(UNIX server, Perl)
4.Machine Learning Relative experience : ChatBot develop, Natural Language analysis

IOT- Digital Signage 軟體研發工程師  •  Advantech 研華科技 2015/10 - 2017/03

1. Windows based多媒體 Digital Signage 核心軟體開發。
2. Client-Server架構、前後端系統設計開發及維護。
Front-end : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, BootStrap, AWS, Azure
Back-end : Python, C#, C/C++, ,PostgreSQL
3.Web programming with Apache HTTP Server, RESTful API,



  • C#, Java, Python, Shell, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL

Domain Experience

  • Network Security
  • Digital Signage
  • Semiconductor field - mask production


  • Chinese
  • English
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