我有Mobile Development經驗,在新創公司實習時,將公司產品Geofence Library透過React Native Module將原生API橋接,暴露出來並打包為React Native Library。另外開發遠端日誌功能,透過設計並使用MongoDB Realm以利後期app部署後的測試。

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Digital Factory, Software Engineer - Mobile Development, May 2020 ~ 現在

  • Developed React Native geofence cross-platform library to expand the market in different developer communities.
  • Enhanced an app with geolocation and notification functionality and distributed beta testing on Testflight to endpoint user. 
  • Automated unit test, UI test on Android & iOS Geofence Library to validate functionality and benchmark performance for quality assurance. 
  • Devised remote logging system with database system design, MongoDB Realm, and Firebase for monitoring remote mobile devices. 
  • Adopted Agile approach and Scrum framework throughout the sprint and managed project with Jira and Clickup. 
  • Worked remotely in a culturally diverse team with daily/weekly standup meetings and demonstrated project to CEO in cross-departmental meetings. 



University of Illinois at Chicago, 科學碩士(MS), Computer Science, 2019 ~ 2021

Relevant Coursework: Data Structures, Algorithms, Software Engineering (OOP and agile design, UML modeling), Database Systems, Software Development for Mobile Platforms, Object-Oriented Languages, and Environments, Machine Learning, Visual Data Science, Data Mining and Text Mining, NLP for Social Media, Stat Natural Lang Processing, Artificial Intelligence


國立清華大學, 科學碩士(BS & MS), 動力機械工程學系, 2012 ~ 2018

Research Assistant / Teaching Assistant | 06/2016 – 08/2018

  • Completed Master's thesis, Design of Hydrostatic Bearing with Floating Ring and Experimental Test Platform and Test Results, which focused on deriving theories, designing the metrology system, measuring static bearing stiffness, and bearing motion error.
  • Researched, designed, and tested a hydrostatic bearing system with a floating ring.
  • Instructed more than 200 students as Teaching Assistant of Machine Design, Design for Reliability, and Engineering Drawing.



  • Software Engineering (1 year): JAVA / Python / C / MATLAB / SQL / MySQL / MongoDB / Postgres / Git / SCRUM / Junit / D3 / Three.js / Pandas 
  • Web Development (1 year): HTML / CSS / JavaScript / React / Node.js / Selenium / Travis / Docker / AWS (Elastic Beanstalk using nginx, Relational Database Service using postgres, Elastic Cache using Redis) / Kubernetes 
  • Mobile Development (1 year): React Native / Android / Kotlin / iOS / Objective-C

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