Tyler Tsai

  • Engage in web design with over 3+ years and 1+ years of management experience. 
  • I'm a responsible and self-driven person, be good at organizational skills, time management, and strong troubleshooting ability. 
  • As an early majority in the technology life cycle, there is a lot of pleasure for me to research trend stuff and share them with people who interesting. 
  • Be able to build applications from scratch and pay attention to deliver high-quality products by insisting on nice coding style and reliable testing flow.

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  • Familiar with ES6 
  • Familiar with React, Redux, Rxjs, redux-observable, reselect 
  • Experience in Vue, Vuex.
  • Experience in using Antd/Element UI to accelerate UI building 
  • Experience in using flow and Typescript for rigorous coding style 
  • Webpack
  • Nodejs/Express
  • Apollo GraphQL
  • Web worker


  • Familiar with handling browser compatibility issues 
  • Familiar with RWD and AWD The sensibility of UI/UX 
  • Familiar with CSS preprocessor, sass
  • Experience in CSS framework, Bootstrap/Tailwind 

Other related

  • Familiar with REST and GraphQL API 
  • Experience in PHP/MySQL with  XAMPP/Nginx
  • Experience for adopting live stream like hls, rtmp, hdl(http-flv)
  • Experience in using error tracking tool, SENTRY
  • Marketing automation with mailchimp
  • Experience in developing chrome extensions 
  • react-transition-group/gsap/lottie
  •  shell script 
  • i18n
  • GA
  • SEO

Coding style/Code reuse

  • Experience in BEM, css module, styled component
  • Experience in using Eslint(airbnb) and prettier for nice coding quality 
  • Using prettierrc to unify the formatting for all projects.
  • Experience in using storybook to manage UI component
  • Using submodule and git repository to solve cross project code reuse.

Version Control

  • Git / GitHub / GitLab 
  • OSS / AWS S3 / heroku 
  • Experience in using harbor for image management
  • Experience in GitLab CI/Jenkins and yaml syntax 
  • Encapsulate product package into docker image to decrease 99% CD time. 
  • Adopt husky and lint-staged to avoid pushing unregular code to origin


  • Familiar with writing unit tests with by @vue/test-utils / react-testing-library / Jest 
  • Experience in training the QA team to do e2e testing by testcafe and puppeteer.


  • JIRA/Confluence 
  • Trello 
  • Zeplin/figma 
  • Notion 
  • Slack 
  • Telegram


  • AWS/GCP serverless architecture 
  • Google analytics 4 
  • WebAssembly/AssemblyScript
  • prisma 
  • vite 
  • esbuild


Senior Frontend Engineer of Run The World - 2020 / 12  - 2021/1

  • Real-time Message System - to solve package-loss problem
    - Design an interface that could switch graphQL subscription/lazyQuery and third-party message service ably/pubnub by launch darkly and serializing data by protobuf.
  • Landing page - for displaying top hosts and speakers on RTW
    - To learn how to build email template by mjml.
    - To learn how to use amplitude to statistics data.
  • Talkroom optimization - provide resend button when sending message failed and display sending status of messages
  • Clubbing system enrich the way to sell tickets and organize follower easily
    - Only finish designing and planning stage.
    - To learn how to use formik with yup to manage forms easily.
  • Assist in recruiting new members
    - Do code assessment and tech interview.
  • Maintain product and static file on S3
    - Found out the potential risk of CI/CD and try to fix it.
    Fix known bug listed on Jira.
Because of company reorganization, I had left RTW on 01/29/2021. 

Key Skills: react with typescript, graphQL, MobX

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Frontend Team Leader of Balvenie - 2018 / 8  - 2020/12

  • Lead front-end team which has seven members, adopting KPI and OKR at the same time for management, advocates "Be proactive, Not reactive".
  • Maintain existing products, do task assignments and do system design if needed.
  • Communicate with UI/UX designer, pm, DevOps, backend member and develop new products from scratch. 
  • Improve maintenance and performance by refactoring regularly. 
  • Insist in self-testing including manual test, unit test and e2e test to deliver high quality product.
  • Regulate the team coding style and execute code review steadily.
  • Organize algorithm practicing and technology seminar irregularly for raising the technological capability of whole frontend team.
  • Build an internal blog for tech-sharing by hexo.
  • Engineer team recruitment includes hiring frontend team members and QA lead.

product: e-sport platform, backstage system, finance system, digital/sports lottery, etc.

Key Skills: React, Redux, redux-observable, vue, vuex

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Frontend Engineer of Innooz - InternShip  - 2015 / 7  - 2017 / 2 

  • Develop and Maintain company homepage.
  • Responsible for outsourcing projects with PM and UI designer.

Key Skills: jQuery, vue, Laravel

Experiences 00 01@2x 6daa47d1df70d315f129dcecdd562003831581c4cdd8f9c819aa22d4a24ae150



National Taipei University of Technology 

Computer Science and Information Engineering

2017-2018 (exchange student)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Economic and Social Sciences


Silver Medal

National skill competition for web design in 2012

Gold Medal

middle-area skill competition for web design in Taiwan in 2012

Key Skills: jQuery, PHP/Laravel, XAMPP/Nginx

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