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陳姿樺  Tzu-Hua Chen

Definitely not just an obedient student! 

Love challenging myself and trying novel things!

Taipei ,TW | 0939212596 | [email protected]


Japanese _ National Chengchi University

2014.09 - 2019.06

Business & Management Program X Marketing Program

Digital Content and Technology _ National Chengchi University (second major)

2015.09 - 2019.06 

abilities to technology & design software X project management

graduation project: Egypt Room Escape Game_ visual designer

Lee Lab Kansei Design and Interaction_Tsukuba University, Japan

2018.09 - 2019.03

exchange student with scholarship

Learn how to apply Design Thinking X Human-oriented Design X Kansei Design into different areas with masters all over the world

Summer Program_Kyoto University of Art Design

2017.07 - 2017.08

Taipei Municipal  Zhong Shan Girls High School  

2011.09 - 2014.06 


CyberAgent Inc. Taiwan Branch,2018.03 - 2018.04 

Advertising consultant 

  • The biggest advertising agency in Japan.
  • Assisted the analysis and implementation of advertisement via social media like Facebook, LINE, Google, Yahoo.
  • Workshop: targeted the audience, distributed the budget, estimated the effect and made Pitch to client.
  • Business Japanese skills

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CyberAgent Inc. Taiwan Branch,2018.05 - 2018.09

Design Director 

  • Defined targets, conducted competitive product analysis and market survey, designed composition of advertisement and context.
  • Disassembled elements for different segment and making ads with high click through rate including static and dynamic banners and webpages. 
  • Made ads that performed the best top five almost every week. 

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Competition of User Experience 

Trans Action-User Experience Contest,2017.09 - 2018.06

Awarded the PEGATRON/GIGABYTE/COMPAL/HTC/DBS BANK  five business prizes

User Studies*UI Design*PM

Competition topic:solve the problem of using smartphones while walking  designed an app of game which users can play with while on the road

  • As an user researcher: focused on understanding target audience and how they interact with our team's product by seeking the reasons behind behavior which brings up to our team's solution to the problem. Defined the customer journey to find every potential demand and touchpoint .
  • As a project manager: led the planning and implementation of a project of 4 people and scheduled project timelines.
  • As an UI designer: made the UX framework and supported the prototype of UI design

Upper left of homepage_ Viban team:


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Leadership and cooperation

TEDxNCCU,2017.05 - 2017.10 

Marketing Department

  • Planned and conducted marketing outdoor activities and promotion for the event. 
  • Engaged of fan page on Facebook which reached up to 5,722 people and hundreds of audience are brought to the final event. 

fan page:
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Student Association of Japanese Department,2015.09 - 2016.06 

Event General Coordinator & Host

  • Led a team of 38 people and brought  almost every freshman of the department to the event.  Satisfaction of the event reached 90%. 

Chief Director of Performance|  Leader of Artistic Design Department

  • Led a team of ten for two years individually. Designed and set the decoration of the stage, made props for the performance, arranged two dancing shows. 

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Jazz Dance Club_Zhong Shan Girls High School,2011.09 - 2013.06 

Director of General Affairs & Director of Secretary Section

  • Managed finance of the club and made the association evaluation which awarded first-class.
  • Set up fan page and attracted followers from 0 to thousands.  (Followers are 9,471 till now)

fan page:
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International Exchange

Exchange student_Lee Lab Kansei Design and Interaction, 

2018.09 - 2019.03, Tsukuba University, Japan

  • Strengthened English and Japanese communication ability.
  • Gained experiences of cross-cultural communication and teamwork from several projects with students around the world. Learned intercultural understanding and adaption when communicating with different people.

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CIEE Working Holiday_ Dining room Assistant, 2016.06 - 2016.09,

Mission Point Resort, Michigan, USA 

  • Strengthened verbal and listening skills in English while working.
  • Cross-cultural communication and teamwork.
  • Fostered capability of self-learning at work since there was't such employee training before being on board. 

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Summer Program_Kyoto University of Art Design, 2017.07 - 2017.08,

Kyoto, Japan

  • Experienced homestay for one month.

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Software skills

  • Illustrator / Photoshop / After Effects
  • Ms Office

Foreign Language Aptitude

  • Chinese: native speaker 
  • English: fluent        ( *Toeic 900)
  • Japanese: fluent     (* JLPT N2)

Self Introduction

Interdisciplinary learning: JapaneseXDesignXMarketingXDigital Content  

     I am TZU-HUA CHEN, student in the Department of Japanese of National Chengchi University who also study Digital Content and Technology Program as a double major. As a person who enjoy taking challenges and learning different things, not only have I studied Japanese but also applied for second major and marketing program. The digital content and technology program is held by both the department of communications and computer science which I could learn not only visual design but also gain some knowledge of computer science to catch up with the fast changing world of the information and communications technology. In this program, students are asked to work as a team to finish projects in every courses. Through many teamwork, I have learned how to strike a balance between articulating and listening; thus, I have strengthened communicative, coordinate and organizational capacity. Moreover, after exchanging to Japan, I started to consider myself as both communicator and negotiator which depends on what culture my team members are form. 

Put into practice: UXUI designXHuman-Computer InterfaceXService Design

    Besides academic achievement, I participated in an User Experience related contest. At first, our team noticed a social problem and through observation and interview, we found an insight of touchpoint and make a design to help users to start a safer walk on street. After designing, prototyping and testing, we reexamined our app to meet the users' actual need. Through the sequence of processes, I have started to love the work of discovering things without correct answers and made the ideas and results form qualitative research to quantitative research. And after all the analysis came the final conclusion and solution which I truly found a sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm.

Break into the advertising agency

    I also work hard in co-curricular performance as an intern of advertising consultant and designer in a Japanese company based in Taiwan which I could combined Japanese skills with digital narrative abilities. As an intern in a leading company in the internet advertising, media and games industry, I have learned conducting marketing plans for different clients and how to tell a story in a picture to quickly catch the targets' attention from an agency view. At the beginning, I was the intern in the advertising consultant department where I was participated in spending on ads and learned from reading the data to find out what it represented an thus conducting adjustment afterwards. In the end, I transferred to the design department where I gained knowledge of preforming market research and disassembling elements for different segments in a systematic and logical way.

    Although I am not an expert in this field, I am qualified for this position according to the requirements which were described on the webpage. First, I have adequate knowledge and related experience of marketing and data analysis  which may support this position. Second, I have good command of English and Japanese to deal with the daily communication. Third, I have good problem solving abilities and solution focused experience due to the user competition I have participated in. These three facts may provide the evidence that I have a quite adequate ability to work in the international company. 

    I am confirmed that I am ready for this position. Along with these experience, I hope to develop myself to keep pace with the changes of the era in my profession and looking forward to being a member in your company and promise to fulfill the company's expectations.