Tzu-Kai Chou

Backend Developer

  • Two years of experience working as a back-end development using PHP and Laravel Framework.
  • Participate and be responsible for multinational large-scale projects: McDonald's, Bulgari and various brand questionnaire services and reporting systems in cooperation with European client ISC.
  • Participate and be responsible for domestic large-scale projects: Hotai event registration platform, Audi point loyalty system, Newsletter and biomedical database system, Yahoo movie.
  • SurveyCake questionnaire webhook connection application: Beanfun App connection, World Gym Zendesk connection, Farglory exclusive questionnaire connection.

Skills and Experience

  • Core Skills: PHP, Laravel Framework, Python, Mysql, RESTful API
  • Skills: Unit&Feature Testing, AWS Services, Gitlab CI/CD, Laradock, Design Pattern, ORM
  • Tools: Git Flow, Postman, XDebug
  • Backend development and Infrastructure
    • Design DB table schema, migrations,  index tuning, Read & Write separating mechanism.
    • Design Cache mechanism.
    • Experienced services building with multilingual, multiple time zone, multiple countries.
    • Experienced AWS services, including SES, S3, SQS-FIFO, SNS, Presigned url.
    • Experienced writing unit & feature testing.

Work Experience

25sprout, Backend Developer, since 2019

  1. The Restful API was developed to provide the back-end system and front-end website, and JWT was used to implement the front-end and back-end login verification mechanism.
  2. The background system role permissions function includes creating user roles and specifying the permissions of the role.
  3. The McDonald’s questionnaire negative feedback triggers the multilingual notification letter function, which is implemented using AWS SES, AWS SNS, AWS S3.
  4. The store level of Bulgari countries and regions uses closureTable to process the tree structure.
  5. Hotai activity questionnaire registration system, design activity, region tables and implement the queue mechanism.
  6. Newsletter system, design scheduled mailing, implement different mailing driver and record open, complaint, and bounced letters. Using AWS SES, SMTP, AWS SQS, crontab implementation.
  7. Biomedical database system, design startup, venture capital, talent tables, design login process, and connect with Google Map Geocode service.
  8. Audi point system, design products, shopping cart, stocks tables and APIs, implement scanning QRCode to exchange products mechanism.
  9. Vespa broadcast system, design broadcast notification table and mechanism, including membership, car rental, car purchase broadcast.
  10. 91App makeup website implementation Aws Presigned Url provides the front-end to directly upload files to S3.
  11. The exclusive questionnaire for Farglory implements crontab and shortening URL functions.
  12. Lexus OTP questionnaire, design OTP brief news verification mechanism, and connect with Every8D brief news service.
  13. Familiar with the OAuth2 process, and connect to third-party login (Fb, Google, Line, Apple).
  14. Implement design pattern, including strategy pattern and factory method pattern.
  15. Write Feature Testing for overall process testing, Unit Testing for Service/Repository layer testing.

Gabor, Backend Developer, 2018-08 ~ 2019-06

  1. E-commerce coupon website, implement profit sharing mechanism. Implement publishing points mechanism through event/listener.
  2. Yahoo movies implement DB Read & Write separation architecture. Implement the synchronization function of timetable and DB data from different sources (unix comm command). Timetable API uses Cache mechanism to avoid using constant third-party timetable XML.


National Chengchi University, M.S. in Geomatics, 2016 ~ 2018

National Chengchi University, Bachelor in Geomatics, 2012 ~ 2016

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