I have been working in the semiconductor industry for 3 years,  mainly responsible for designing and maintaining the data pipeline using python and shell scripts. Now I plan to find a back-end or data engineer as my next job.
In order to improve my abilities, I study Docker and python web crawler in my spare time.


National Taitung University (NTTU)                                                                         Sep 2013 - Jun 2017
Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor Thesis: IoT Qo5 Management Architecture for 5G Software-Defined Wireless  Bacteria-Inspired Network.

Conference Paper: 

  .ICASI 2016, Paper: IoT Architecture for 5G Software-Defined Wireless Bacteria-Inspired Network.   

  .IEICE 2016, Paper: IA2016-38


.Get an A (professional level) score in the CPE (Collegiate Programming Examination).



  • An engineer with three years of experience in software development, currently working in the semiconductor industry as an RD, has participated in several large-scale projects, mainly including data processing, data analysis, back-end installation, and maintenance systems.

    Have experience of using CI/CD tools(Jenkins), GCP-GA analysis service.
    Understand agile development, iterate once a week to achieve agile.
    Researched and completed container-related technologies.

Software Engineer • PDMC(Photronics Dnp Mask Corp.)                                                        Hsinchu, TW
Full-Time                                                                                                                                JULY,2018-now

Develop an abnormal report system through django and mssql.

.Maintained the data-handling pipeline, and tried to optimize it to make it faster and more efficient.

.Refactor some legacy codes (such as Shell script, tcl) through python to speed up operations and reduce human error.

.Maintained the fracture server and queue system to ensure smooth work of the operation team.

Review the work flow of the data processing team, and try to optimize the processing speed and reduce errors.

Assist in identifying and resolving problems with the data processing system.

.Study EDA tools to optimize data-handling systems.

.Cooperate with customers to build the new system and update the new Spec.


Programming: Python, Tcl , Shell, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, java, JavaScript, Vue.js

.Tools: Kafka, Docker, GCP,  EDA-Tools,  Spark, Tensor Flow

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